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Chiang Mai Has Its Own Epic Japanese Park With Sensoji Temple, Torii Path, & Flower Garden

Hinoki Land in Thailand

For many Thais, Japan is an all-time favourite holiday destination because of how rich it is in culture and architecture. But no thanks to the pandemic, the only way we can travel overseas these days is through VR technology.

But don’t be sad just yet, because we have good news for Japan lovers in Thailand. 

Image credit: Hinoki land

Welcome to Hinoki Land, a huge Japanese-theme park in good ‘ol Chiang Mai that will officially reopen on 5th November 2021.

Image credit: Hinoki land

This is where you’ll find grand wooden structures that are built after Japan’s iconic landmarks such as Sensoji Temple and the torii path from Fushimi Inari Shrine.

These buildings are also surrounded by blooming flower fields, Japanese gardens, and a huge lake. All of this sits in the middle of lush nature, so you’ll definitely get to enjoy the fresh cool air during the winter, which officially starts from November till February.

2-hour drive from Chiang Mai city

Image credit: Hinoki land

Surrounded by northern mountains, Hinoki Land is situated far away from bustling old town Chiang Mai. The only way to come here is to drive or hire a rod-daeng, the city’s iconic red taxi, which will take around 2 hours per trip. 

Image credit: การคมนาคม

We know this doesn’t sound like a quick trip, but look on the bright side; it’s a great opportunity to visit a lesser-known part of Chiang Mai and meet local folks along the way – bonus!

Follow Hinoki land’s Facebook page to get updated on ticket prices and other announcements.

More ways to travel during the pandemic:

Hinoki Land
Address: 168 Ban Rong Than, Sridongyen, Chai Prakan, Chiang Mai 50320
Opening Hours: 8AM – 5PM, Daily (Starting 5th November 2021)
Telephone: +66 5 3457 7745
Hinoki Land website | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Left): @kajeabtie09, @baylordan, Hinoki land

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