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13 Chiang Mai Glamping Spots With Cottage Villas, Outdoor Bathtubs & Bubble Domes

13 Chiang Mai glamping spots 

Thailand is known for its diverse culture throughout its different provinces. Chiang Mai, one of the most popular cities in the north of Thailand, is well-known for its forests, fresh air as well as gorgeous mountain valleys.

Instead of finding yourself a place at another Airbnb or a high-end resort, bring out that inner camper within you and check out this list of 13 Chiang Mai glamping spots that we have gathered for you to visit with your loved ones.

1. Morning Star Glamping — Minimalist glass white huts

Image credit: @ibenma via Instagram

First on the list is Morning Star Glamping, a campsite with all-glass and all-white huts, perfect for all of you IG stars. The huts here are designed with an open-concept in mind. The all-glass huts allow for abundant sunlight to pour in, making the mornings here pretty breathtaking.

Image credit: @totay168 via Instagram

For ฿8,900 (~USD260.10), you can spend a night in their all-white minimalist hut. With indoor tubs and outdoor tubs to choose from, this resort has a variety of options for you to choose from — so you can curate your dream Chiang Mai glamping experience.

Image credit: @phingpit via Instagram

With the huts not just being beautiful but also functional, we’re sure a night here will be a worthy escape away from the city, right in the heart of the wilderness.

Address: Mae On 59/1 Moo 2 Ban Mae Lai Huai Kaeo, Chiang Mai 50130, Thailand
Opening hours: 24 hrs, Daily
Contact: +66 9 3624 5155 |
Morning Star Glamping Facebook | Google Maps

2. Kissing Stars Glamping — All-glass cabin in the woods

Image credit: @kissing_stars_glamping via Instagram

Next up on our comprehensive list, we have one of our most expensive and luxurious options. For ฿16,900 (~USD493.91), you can spend a night in your very own private all-glass cabin in the woods.

While it is definitely on the pricier side of our list of options, this B&B is the epitome of forest living.

Image credit: @phingpit via Instagram

With their floor-to-ceiling glass windows, get ready to wake up to the morning rays shining in as a soft and gentle wake-up call. Their spacious cabin fits 2 double beds comfortably, making this an ideal option for an overdue squad vacation.

Image credit: @totay168 via Instagram

If you’re here on a getaway with your bestie or bae, there are even two outdoor jacuzzi tubs for your perusal. Bring on some champagne and perhaps even a cheeky fruit platter, and this could make for a perfect date or HTHT set-up. No squeezing for anyone, sir! 

The rooms also come decked with a Marshall speaker for some late-night tunes as well as a projector and screen for Netflix movie nights. With everything you could possibly need for a comfortable stay, you’re not going to be left wanting whilst you’re staying here.

Image credit: @bbesttbestt via Instagram

So if you’re ready to treat yourselves to a forest staycation of your dreams, pack your best sundresses and bookmark this spot for your next Chiang Mai luxury getaway. 

Address: 3005 Tambon Huai Kaeo, Amphoe Mae On, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50130
Opening hours:
24 hrs, Daily
Contact: +66 6 4334 413 |
Kissing Stars Glamping Facebook | Google Maps

3. Wildbeat Chiang Mai — hut-style tents & container rooms

Image credit: wildbeat.chiangmai via Facebook

Next, I’ll be introducing you to Wildbeat Chiang Mai. As most Thai locals would say, no visit to Chiang Mai is truly complete without a visit to Doi Inthanon National Park – which is a few hours drive up from Chiang Mai’s city centre.

As this campsite is located right in the heart of Doi Inthanon, you could make this your rest stop for the day once you’re done with a day’s worth of exploration.

Image credit: wildbeat.chiangmai via Facebook

The campsite comes with a giant hut that makes for great photos that’ll be a wonderful addition to your IG feed. If you’re committed to snapping the perfect shot, you could even bring your drones out for a ride and capture beautiful pictures that take you to a whole new world.

For ฿2,500 (~USD73.07), you could spend a night in one of their container rooms – also known as mountain view villas. If you’d prefer something more rustic, you could also opt for a stay in one of their XL glamping tents on site. 

Image credit: wildbeat.chiangmai  via Facebook

With air-conditioning, a flat-screen TV and a refrigerator, their container villas come with everything you could possibly need for a comfy stay.

Image credit: wildbeat.chiangmai  via Facebook

Now, even if you’re spending a night in one of their villas and not a tent, feel free to join in on their campfire nights under the stars. Perfect for some S’mores-making sessions or HTHT with your boo.

Image credit: wildbeat.chiangmai  via Facebook  

So if you find yourselves planning a trip up to Doi Inthanon soon, don’t forget to bookmark this page and set those dates down for your stay here. Just saying – their glamping tents are usually quickly snapped up. So don’t let me say – I told you so!

Address: Doi Inthanon National Park, Khuang Pao, Chom Thong District, Chiang Mai 50160, Thailand
Opening Hours:
24 hrs, Daily,
Contact: +66 8 1702 2758 | Wildbeat Chiang Mai Facebook | Google Maps

4. Baan Phu Mork Chiang Mai — Glamping tents & farmhouse-style lodging

Image credit: บ้านภูหมอก via Facebook

Next up on our list, we have Baan Phu Mork. A lovely campsite offering the best of both worlds – a selection of XL glamping tents but also charming farm-style rooms that you could call your home for a night.

Situated high up in the valleys of Mon Cham, you’d get to fill your days with mountain hikes and photo-taking sessions amidst their famously colourful and stunning flower fields.

Image credit: จะออกไปแตะขอบฟ้า via Facebook

With creative bamboo stacked walls and barn-inspired doors for decor, Baan Phu Mok makes farmhouse living an entire mood.

Image credit: Go Way Finder via Facebook

Like so many of our options here, there’s probably no need for an alarm clock. Get ready to be awakened by the stunning rays of the morning sun – should you decide to sleep with your curtains left open, of course.

Image credit: Go Way Finder via Facebook 

For only ฿1,990 (~USD58.16)/night, you could spend a 2D1N trip here at this stunning resort. What I’d give to wake up to this pastel masterpiece of nature. The flower fields look like they’re straight out of a painting. 

Image credit: เที่ยวไทยไปกับหมี via Facebook

In short, if you’re looking for a stay which doesn’t just give value for money but also rewards you with K-drama-like flower fields, then this resort should easily float to the top of your list.

Address: 118 Moo 11 Mae Rim, Chiang Mai 50180
Opening hours:
6pm-12am, Daily
+66 8 2894 6861 | Baan Phu Mok’s Facebook | Google Maps

5. BubbleSky Glamping Chiang Mai — Clear bubble dome glamping accommodations

Image credit: BubbleSky Glamping Chiangmai บับเบิ้ลสกาย แกลมปิ้ง เชียงใหม่ via Facebook

Now this one’s for all our bubble dome lovers – introducing BubbleSky Chiang Mai. A campsite with gorgeous bubble domes all lined up in a row for you to pick from.

Image credit: BubbleSky Glamping Chiangmai บับเบิ้ลสกาย แกลมปิ้ง เชียงใหม่ via Facebook

For ฿3,500 (~USD102.29), you can spend a night in one of these clear bubble domes. The whimsical fairytale fan within me looks at this from afar and thinks it looks like a home for a water fairy straight out of Neverland. Tinkerbell vibes strong, hah.

Image credit: BubbleSky Glamping Chiangmai บับเบิ้ลสกาย แกลมปิ้ง เชียงใหม่ via Facebook

Since every bubble dome comes with its own private area, you could even opt to have a warm steamboat or mookata session right at your own balcony. Since you’d probably head down to the camp during the cooler months towards the end of the year, a steaming hotpot session could be just what you need to warm you up for the day. 

Image credit: BubbleSky Glamping Chiangmai บับเบิ้ลสกาย แกลมปิ้ง เชียงใหม่ via Facebook

The resort also comes with many IG-worthy photo spots for you to spend the afternoon posing away. Here’s their iconic swing that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world while staring into the mountain valleys of Chiang Mai.

There are many bubble dome camps in Chiang Mai but this one’s definitely an option that’s both relatively affordable and also perfect for the ‘gram. So if your friends are dying to try out a bubble dome staycation, do check out their offerings.

Address: Unnamed Road Pong Yaeng, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai 50180, Thailand
Opening hours:
24 hrs, Daily
Contact: +66 9 2624 8014 | BubbleSky Glamping’s Facebook | Google Maps

6. Reverie Camp — Bubble dome, caravan & cabin-style glamping

Image credit: @reverie_camp via Instagram

Up next on the list, we have one of my personal favourites: Reverie Camp. For this campsite, it re-imagines bubble domes to have a more geometric aesthetic, adding a whole lotta dimension to your pictures taken inside. However, it also comes with a whole experience of caravan living.

The bubble domes are decked out in cosy blankets and even come with a Marshall speaker for a surround-sound experience when you decide to put on your favourite music for the night.

Image credit: @reverie_camp via Instagram

From ฿6,900 (~USD201.66)/nightyou get to spend a night in one of the fleet vans on a weeknight. This is honestly a dream come true for me since I was watching Hannah Montana on Disney and wondering how it’d feel like to live in a caravan while going on a world tour. With a bubble dome, private area and caravan living – it’s definitely the best of both worlds. 

Image credit: @reverie_camp via Instagram

Each caravan comes with everything you’d possibly need within an arm’s reach. From the vans being lined with gorgeous fairy lights, to having a clear roof for some late-night star-gazing, who knew life in a caravan would look this good?

Image credit: @reverie_camp via Instagram

During the day, you could also head out for some afternoon tea on your own private balcony. Plus points for the fact that you’ll get to do that while taking in the fresh morning air and views of Chiang Mai.

Address: 59/1 Moo 2 Ban Mae Lai, Huay Kaew, Mae On District, Chiang Mai 50130, Thailand
Opening hours: 24 hrs, Daily
+66 9 0156 2834 | Reverie Camp’s Facebook | Google Maps

7. My Cottage Chiang Mai — private cottage-style villa in the woods, by a stream

Image credit: My Cottage Chiang Mai via Facebook

Since the north is well-known for its forests too, it should come as no surprise that this next pick on our list is a forest-style staycation called My Cottage Chiang Mai. While the name implies a humble cottage in the woods, this staycation serves guests a grand bungalow right by a running stream.

Cleverly designed with bamboo and thatched roofs to fit its rustic theme on the outside, the interior of the bungalow gives us something completely different.

Image credit: My Cottage Chiang Mai via Facebook 

Decked out with white marble tables, carpet and furniture, the bungalow is designed with a clean and minimalist aesthetic in mind — a beautiful contrast to its warm, rustic and homely design on the outside.

Image credit: My Cottage Chiang Mai via Facebook

For ฿8,900 (~USD260.11)/night, you’ll get to lose yourselves in this bungalow decorated with a clean, minimalist aesthetic. The rooms come with 2 double beds, making this pick ideal for group gatherings or even workcations for smaller teams.

This picture of a dude chilling on a hammock outside the villa says it all. The city girl within me is already off-packing my bags right now.

Image credit: My Cottage Chiang Mai via Facebook

So if you’ve been in search of a nice holiday villa up north of Thailand, we believe My Cottage Chiang Mai could be a pretty decent option for more private squads who wanna spend quality time with the chosen fam.

Address: 33 Moo 2, Huay Kaew Road, Tambon Huai Kaeo, Mae On District, Chiang Mai 50130, Thailand
Opening hours: 24 hrs, Daily
Contact:+66 6 2491 4424 | My Cottage Chiang Mai’s Facebook | Google Maps

8. Himawari Glam Camping — Japanese-style glamping site

Image credit: Himawari Glam Camping : ひまわり- グラムキャンプ via Facebook

Now, if you’re a lover of all things Japanese, then you’d love what we have picked out for you at Himawari Glam Camping.

Designed to resemble the countryside of Japan, this glamping spot takes you out of Thailand and right into the country that the world longs to visit once more.

Image credit: Himawari Glam Camping : ひまわり- グラムキャンプ via Facebook

You can spend a night in one of the XL glamping tents that come with a huge double bed and even a sofa. With their lovely checkered blankets and muted colour tones of mustard and subtle green, the rooms create a cosy atmosphere that feels like home. 

Image credit: Himawari Glam Camping : ひまわり- グラムキャンプ via Facebook

They also have rooms that come with vintage bathtubs, and lovely mosaic-patterned tiles. Bring your own bath bomb and treat yourselves to a little DIY spa sesh while you’re here. 

Image credit: Himawari Glam Camping : ひまわり- グラムキャンプ via Facebook

As for food options, they’ve got a dedicated cafe that’s open on weekends from 10am-5pm. Even if you’re not staying the night, pop by for a visit and enjoy some afternoon coffees for a little pick-me-up. We’d pick seats at their comfy beanbags and wooden boxes that double up as a chill area for guests.

With ample light pouring into the space whilst you’re having a warm cuppa, this pick on our list is bound to give you a little taste of Japan in the north of Thailand.

Address: 175, Don Kaeo, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Opening hours: 24 hrs, Daily
Contact:+66 9 2787 9326 | Himawari Glam Camping’s Facebook | Google Maps

9. April Cottage — villa in the forest with great panoramic sunset views

Image credit: April cottage ดอยแม่กำปอง via Facebook

Next up we have a Balinese-style villa in the woods. Surrounded by lush greenery, April Cottage is a sight to behold from afar.

Image credit: April cottage ดอยแม่กำปอง via Facebook

We think that everything within is basically reminiscent of villas you’d often find in Bali – with muted tones of cream and woody accents on the furniture certainly creating a lasting impression on guests. Look out for the outdoor tub right on the balcony of the villa. They’ll be a wonderful spot to gaze at the sunsets while relaxing in the evening. A stay here sets you back around ฿3,000 (~USD87.68)/night.

Image credit: April cottage ดอยแม่กำปอง via Facebook

There are also ledges around the villa where you can head up in the early mornings to catch the sunrise with your pals, completing your Chiang Mai glamping experience. With all the forestry around you, get ready for some fresh air and misty mornings during your stay.

Image credit: April cottage ดอยแม่กำปอง via Facebook

Sunsets here are absolutely stunning. With those deep orange and red hues lighting up the sky in that beautiful gradient, make sure to bring your phones or cameras so you can capture the sunset as it was.

Address: 23 Moo 3, Huay Kaew Subdistrict, Mae On District, Chiang Mai, Thailand 50130
Opening hours: 24 hrs, Daily
+66 6 5713 1009 | April Cottage’s Facebook | Google Maps

10. Cliffver — A hunter’s villa in the woods

Image credit: @justintime_leisure via Instagram

Cliffver Chiang Mai is definitely the pinnacle of luxurious forest living. Looking like a lux villa in the city from the outside, within the four walls of this resort is a hunter’s lodge.

Image credit: @cliffvercnx via Instagram

From antler chandeliers, and rich velvet furniture to a cosy fireplace, the interior of this villa sticks closely to its theme while serving you ease and comfort. None of those creepy hunter’s lodge vibes here! 

Image credit: @phingpit via Instagram

With their very own projector screen and massive beanbags, you can sit back and enjoy Netflix movie nights during your stay here. Their rooms come with 3 XL double beds, making this villa a good choice for anyone looking to treat themselves for a special occasion.

A stay here costs about ฿64,000 (~USD1870.47)/night which is definitely one of the most expensive stays we’ve found so far. Though, we think that with everything that it offers – it makes for a good holiday home for a very special occasion.

Image credit: @phingpit via Instagram

The bathrooms here are also well-decorated with plants and fairy lights – making it a perfect set for some IG photos taken at night. 

Image credit: @phingpit via Instagram

During the day, don’t forget to grab your picnic mats and lay them down by the stream right outside the villa. You could also meet and greet some of the friendly resident farm animals here. From their gaggle of geese to their fluffy bunnies in their homes on site, they’re always photoshoot-ready.

So if you’re planning a surprise for a loved one, Cliffver could just be your next stop.

Address: 59 Moo 2, Huay Kaew Road, Maeon, Amphoe Mae On, Chiang Mai 50130, Thailand
Opening hours: 24 hrs, Daily
+66 9 2628 2393 | Cliffver’s Facebook | Google Maps

11. Mt. Cloud Chiang Mai — Rooms with Bali vibes that overlook mountain ranges

Image credit: Mt.Cloud ภูเขาลอยเมฆ via Facebook

If you have a liking for Bali-style rooms, don’t skip this Mt. Cloud Chiang Mai. As it offers only five villas, this homestay promises you privacy to enjoy peaceful nature. This places promises a more luxe Chiang Mai glamping experience, away from the city and (almost) everyone.

Image credit: Mt.Cloud ภูเขาลอยเมฆ via Facebook

For a romantic and private getaway with your partner, check out its pool villas in Baan Kong Mek from ฿4,900 (~USD137.69)/night for two pax. The villas feature circular shapes with thatched roofs. Here, you can wake to jungles covered in thick fog in the morning.

Image credit: @arriss__ via Instagram

After rising from bed, be sure to pamper yourself with a floating breakfast in their mini pool. The mountain view is so striking that it’s worth capturing pics of yourself against it.

There is also an outdoor kitchen where you and your partner can enjoy cooking BBQ while admiring the view in the afternoon.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a bigger room, they have pool villas featuring two big rooms each in Baan Long Mek from ฿9,800 (~USD275.51)/night for four pax.

Address: Unnamed Road Mueang Kai, Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai 50150
Opening hours: 24 hrs, Daily
+66 6 4934 1524 | Mt Cloud’s Facebook | Google Maps

12. Igarden Homestay Chiang Dao — Relax in a Nordic house with a view of Doi Luang Chiang Dao

Image credit: @mintyvirtues via Instagram

Sitting in a longan garden, Igarden Homestay Chiang Dao boasts industrial-themed houses with Instagrammable designs, making it a perfect choice for social media enthusiasts.

From ฿990 (~USD27.83)/night, Small Box is a two-storey yellow house for a couple who wishes to enjoy a cosy night together. The first floor is a toilet, and the second floor is a bedroom. Next to it, A-Frame House is a Nordic-inspired house for a group of four, from ฿1,500 (~USD42.16)/night.

Image credit: @nadear_meedii via Instagram

The highlight here is the view of Doi Luang Chiang Dao, which you can enjoy straight from your room. But for the ultimate experience, you might wanna soak in an outdoor bathtub while gazing at the view of Doi. The establishment is surrounded by a longan garden, so feel free to walk around and you can even pick longans out to eat.

As the sun dips below the horizon, you can make your way to its mookata restaurant and order a set meal to savour in a delightful atmosphere in the evening.

Note that you can also consider their other single guesthouse from ฿690 (~USD19.39)/night.

Address: Chiang Dao, Chiang Dao District, Chiang Mai 50170
+66 8 6185 0475 | Igarden Homestay Chiang Dao’s Facebook | Google Maps

13. BaanTonMai Maekampong — Rustic treehouse & cabins on stilts

Image credit: @boychatwan via Instagram

If you want a truly rusting Chiang Mai glamping experinece, check out BaanTonMai Maekampong. This place is a landmark homestay in Mae Kam Pong with stilted cabins that seamlessly blend concrete and wood. Among the options available, you’ll find three two-story cabins, each offering breathtaking vistas of the lush mountains.

On the first floor of every cabin, you’ll discover two single beds for your comfort, while the second-floor rooms are furnished with a cosy double bed. All of these six rooms cost from ฿1,700 (~USD47.78)/night, including breakfast. Also, the rooms don’t have air-conditioners but don’t you worry, because the air is really cool and cosy.

Image credit: @ball_nitat via Instagram

Alternatively, you can consider their treehouses built on trees from ฿1,500 (~USD42.16)/night if you’re looking to take your lodging to new heights.

Image credit: @ball_nitat via Instagram

The whole place is encircled by suspension wooden bridges that you can roam on and take in the atmosphere.

Image credit: @aooh_ae via Instagram

As the twilight is approaching, you can head to their elevated rustic cafe, get a cup of coffee, and relish a view of the sun going down behind the mountains.

Address: 99/6, Huai Kaeo, Mae On District, Chiang Mai 50130
+66 8 9851 9720 | บ้านต้นไม้แม่กำปอง Baantonmaimaekampong‘s Facebook | Google Maps

Chiang Mai glamping spots

If you’ve stayed with us this far, we hope that amongst this comprehensive list of Chiang Mai glamping locations deep in the beautiful forest, there’s the perfect one for you.

While some of us might prefer the rustic grittiness of good ol’ camping, we believe that these picks have something a little different to add to your glamping experience.

So if you are already planning your next Chiang Mai getaway, make sure to bookmark these places for some ideas. We know you won’t regret it.

For other articles to check out, visit River Maekampong: a 3-story glamping villa, Chonnabot Chiang Mai: a quaint forest cottage homestay, and JINJU The Orange Farm: Chiang Mai’s Jeju island.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): @reverie_camp, @kissing_stars_glamping, @bestiewanderer, and @wildbeat.chiangmai

Article originally published by shing on June 2022, last updated by Bank Fasaisirinan on November 2023.