Chakngeaw Chinese Village, Pattaya: A Traditional Chinese Village Filled With Old Timey Vibes & A Night Market

Chakngeaw Chinese Village, Pattaya

While Yaowarat stands as Bangkok’s largest Chinese community, Chakngeaw Chinese Village holds the same title in Pattaya.

Situated just about a 2-hour drive from Bangkok, the village boasts old Chinese vibes, characterised by traditional architecture and red lanterns decking the entire area. You can explore these charming features at your leisure.

Additionally, Chakngeaw Chinese Village hosts Chakngeaw market, a vibrant Saturday night market with a big selection of street food delicacies. It’s the perfect opportunity to gratify yourself with an eating spree and experience the local culinary delights.

Explore dated architecture and eat local street food at this old Chinese village

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Chakngeaw Chinese Village belongs to Chinese immigrants who moved here around 100 years ago, located around 30 minutes from downtown Pattaya.

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Once you arrive here, you can feel the village’s traditional ambience emanating from old wooden houses lining both sides of the road, enhanced by hundreds of red lanterns hung above your head along the alley.

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For foodies, we recommend coming here on Saturday evenings, as you can roam around its night market filled with street food, going on from 4pm to 9pm. You can expect to find numerous Chinese-style food items here, such as rice dumplings, steamed buns, crispy garlic chives dumplings, as well as local snacks.

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Feel free to drop by Chao Mae Tub Tim Shrine in the vicinity to honour the Chinese deity. This shrine holds great significance for all the locals living in the village.

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On Saturdays, as the sun dips down and twilight appears, Chakngeaw market becomes lively with crowds of folks looking for something to eat. The surroundings are appealing with the combination of glowing red lanterns and retro shops.

Getting to Chakngeaw Chinese Market

For your next trip to Pattaya, we hope you spare some time for a visit to this Chakngeaw Chinese Market and explore its retro vibes and delicious foods. The village is located 30 minutes away from Pattaya.

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Address: Muang Pattaya, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150
Opening hours:
Saturday 4pm-9pm (the market)

Contact: Chakngeaw Chineese Village’s Facebook | Google Maps

Cover image adapted from: @guy1912 via Instagram and @jrwchun via Instagram

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