Earns at least ฿ 30,000 monthly

thai celeb grabImage adapted from: Woopmag and Thairath

Many industries have been affected by COVID-19; some businesses are laying off employees and some are forced to close down. The entertainment industry is among the industries being affected as filmings have been ordered to be halted and all public events were cancelled.

Delivers food and packages to earn a living

thai celeb grabImage credit: Amp Pheerawas

Being a delivery driver is a job that’s highly demanded during COVID-19 as people are staying home to practice social distancing, thus relying on drivers to get food and supplies. Many people are signing up to become delivery drivers – even pilots and celebrities.

Thai actor Amp decided to sign up to become a Grab delivery driver after his friend, who is a pilot, invited him to do so. 

Amp shared that he enjoys the experience as he was able to make new friends and got to know more restaurants. He was also able to learn how to save money as he realised how hard it is to earn it.

thai celeb grab

Image credit: Amp Pheerawas

Additionally, Amp revealed that he was able to earn at least ฿30,000 monthly as he did not reject any orders. While raining, most drivers choose to take a rest, but he used this opportunity to work even harder. He’s proud that he’s been able to make a living for his wife and daughter, and feels that it is not an embarrassing thing to do, as long as you make money in a rightful manner.

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Respect all the delivery drivers

Amp hopes that everyone can respect delivery drivers who are working extremely hard during this period. He shared that in order for the drivers to buy and deliver food to customers, they have to go through long waiting times while enduring the hot weather. The delivery drivers are working to earn a living just like everyone else after all.

The actor also recommended that people use money carefully and not spend more than what they can during this time.

Opportunities are everywhere

You can find opportunities everywhere if you work hard. If you’re facing any problems, do not give up – let’s stay strong together during this pandemic.

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