Thailand camping spots near Bangkok

When we imagine the perfect winter, many people might think about snow or skiing. However for tropical countries like Thailand, we don’t have snow – instead, we’ve got nice cold and foggy weather that we can enjoy with cosy campfires and barbecues. 

With the Thai winter coming up this November, here are 7 camping spots to visit for a relaxing mini-vacation – all not over 5 hours from Bangkok by car. 

Given the current situation, we’d recommend calling ahead before visiting any establishment in order to make sure they’re operating normally.

Note: Room rates may vary depending on seasons and promotions. 

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1. The Campville Khaokho – chic boho glamping with Full Moon parties

bell tent at The Campville Khaokho
Image credit: The Campville Khaokho

Located in the Phetchabun province, Khaokho is one of Thailand’s most popular holiday destinations for both tourists and locals. It’s perfect for sneaking out of the busy city and is a 5-hour drive from Bangkok.

Most locals head here to camp amidst the mountains to enjoy the fog. But if you don’t want the hassle of setting up your own tents, head to The Campville Khaokho, where fully-equipped bell tents are already prepared for you.

bell tent at The Campville Khaokho
Furnished with comfy mattresses and rugs
Image credit: The Campville Khaokho

Each tent comes with bedding, shower sets, towels, plug sockets, and water. There are also other drinks, snacks, and utensils available for you to buy on the camping grounds. There are 3 accommodation types:

  • A bell tent for 2 people: ฿1,500 (~USD45)/night (฿350 for extra bed)
  • A bell tent for 4 people: ฿2,500 (~USD75)/night (฿500 for extra bed)
  • A room for 2 people: ฿1,800 (~USD54)/night (฿500 for extra bed)

All prices include breakfast, which is served at 7am. Do note that the prices may vary depending on the season, so check their Facebook page to stay updated. 

These chic tents also come with pretty fairy lights and wooden furniture for you to have a BBQ party with friends and family.

Dinning space at The Campville Khaokho
Image credit: The Campville Khaokho

For a BBQ party, the camp provides a grill stove that is free to use, along with a bag of charcoal for ฿50. Guests can also reserve a Thai-style BBQ set (moo krata, or mookata as it is known) and a roasted suckling pig in advance before checking in. 

And here’s something for the party animals: Come November, The Campville Khaokho launches full moon parties which you can experience up in the hills instead of the beach.

party at a camp
Image credit: The Campville Khaokho

Entry tickets to the part are ฿500 (~USD15). Don’t forget to don your best boho costumes to match the theme! Stay tuned for more information and artist line-ups here.

The Campville Khaokho
Address: 206 Moo 3, Khaokho District, Phetchabun Province, Thailand 67270
Telephone: +66 9 2536 4271 | +66 6 1367 5566
Distance from Bangkok: ~5 hour drive
The Campville Khaokho website | Google Maps

2. Papa Garden Khaokho – scenic tents in the mountains

Cosy camping spots at Papa Garden Khaokho
Image credit: @papagardenkhaokho

Another gem of Khaokho is Papa Garden, which allows you to experience a 360° view of the green mountainside and a million stars at night.  

There are 2 options here: private cliff houses and tents. Both accommodations come well prepared with the following: 

  • Bedding set
  • Towels and toiletries
  • Fan and lamps
  • Hairdryer
  • Plug sockets
  • Water

Prices vary according to seasons, check out the full price list here

cosy camping spots in Thailand
Interior of the tent
Image credit: Papa Garden KhaoKho

There are toilets with heated water situated near the camping zone for all tents. You’ll have private amenities with a cliff house – along with an awesome net bed to enjoy in good weather. 

net terrace in Thailand
Sleep under the stars at night and enjoy the sea of fog in the morning
Image credit: Papa Garden KhaoKho

Private cliff house at Papa Garden
Private cliff house
Image credit: @papagardenkhaokho

If you’d like to have a BBQ party, there’s no need to prepare anything – BBQ sets are on offer in both Thai-style Moo Krata and grilled skewers. 

Note: There are only 2 private cliff houses available, so make a reservation in advance if you’d like to book these! 

Papa Garden Khaokho
Address: Moo 3, Baan Simarak, Khaokho Sub-district, Khaokho District, Phetchabun Province 67270.
Telephone: +66 6 2879 6442
Distance from Bangkok: ~5 hour drive
Papa Garden Khaokho website | Google Maps

3. Lalamukha Tented Resort Khao Yai – safari-style glamping with full facilities

Cosy camping spots at Lalamukha Tented Resort
Image credit: Lalamukha Tented Resort Khao Yai

Lalamukha Tented Resort Khao Yai’s has special safari-theme luxurious “glamping” (glamorous camping) experience for those who visit. Its tents are all tucked away in a foresty area, which adds to the serene and relaxing atmosphere. 

There are 3 types of rooms here: Eco Safari Tent, Deluxe Savanna Tent, and the Loft Tree House. 

luxury Lalamukha Tented Resort
Image credit: Lalamukha Tented Resort Khao Yai

The Eco Safari Tents come with 2 single beds and 1 sofa bed, with many other amenities ranging from a minibar and TV to a coffee maker. There is no attached bathroom, but there is a toilet located close-by. These tents are not air-conditioned, so we say go for this for the ultimate “safari” experience. 

luxury tent at Lalamukha Tented Resort
Image credit: Lalamukha Tented Resort Khao Yai

The Deluxe Savanna Tent offers a larger living space with air-conditioner. Plus, there is a private bathroom attached. 

luxury tree house at Lalamukha Tented Resort
Image credit: Lalamukha Tented Resort Khao Yai

The Loft Tree House is great for larger families or couples looking for extra privacy. The houses are set on higher ground and even come with a stargazing window on top for clear nights. 

For more information on the prices of each room, click here. WiFi is provided in all rooms.

pool at the cosy camping spot
The resort’s infinity pool
Image credit: @joan._

Other features of the resort include an infinity pool as well as restaurants to chill out. 

Lalamukha Tented Resort Khao Yai
Address: 515 Moo 5, Mu Si Sub-district, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand 30130.
Telephone: +66 4 4300 691
Distance from Bangkok: ~5 hour drive
Lalamukha Tented Resort Khao Yai website | Google Maps

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4. Rustic Camping – beer buffets and activities like ATV rides and rafting

Cosy camping spots at rustic camping
Image credit: JVasita29

Rustic Camping is set around Suksupa Resort, and comes with pretty bell tents lined with colourful bunting, adding a pop of colour to the environment. Each tent comes with outdoor mats with pillows and 2 beach chairs for lounging too.

Their Bohemian Camping Tent costs ฿2,000 (~USD60)* per night for 2 people. In this package, you’ll also get breakfast and dinner, along with a beer buffet from 6pm to 12am! Now that’s a special deal. Also, there are actual beds in each tent, so that’s maximum comfort.

*Prices will increase to ฿2,200 (~USD66) during seasons with special live concerts on site.

outdoor camping at Rustic Camping
Pretty outdoor communal space with rustic haystacks where guests can enjoy their meals
Image credit: @portistutaa

Rustic Camping provides guests with many fun activities too, like rafting, ATV rides, and rock climbing.

flower garden
Image credit: @bowbieladysmile

Don’t forget to pop by the nearby flower field with beautiful purple dok ngon nak flowers for some IG pics!

Note: Visit the place on September to December to catch the flowers in season

Rustic Camping
Address: 28 Saphan Hin Sub-district, Nadee District, Prachinburi province, 25220.
Telephone: +66 6 2524 9698 | +66 8 1515 1946
Distance from Bangkok: ~4 hour drive
Rustic Camping website | Google Maps

5. Suan Lamai – campervans near sheep farm and orchards

Cosy camping spots at suanlamai
Image credit: สวนละไม / Suan Lamai

This place reminds me of those adorable farming mobile games with animals and fruit gardens all around. Suan Lamai is a campervan site located right by a huge lake, providing guests with picturesque views of the surrounding mountains. 

There is no WiFi here, making it the ideal place to unplug from social media. 

The campervan rentals are as follows:

  • Weekday: ฿2,000 (~USD60)/night for 2 persons (includes breakfast) Max. 4 people with ฿500 for extra bed
  • Weekend: ฿3,000 (~USD90)/night for 2 persons (includes breakfast) Max. 4 people with ฿500 for extra bed

*Free service charge for children under 4-years-old

car at suanlamai
Image credit: สวนละไม / Suan Lamai

Each van comes equipped with the necessary amenities such as toiletries, plug sockets, and a microwave. There are bicycles available for those who would like to use them too. Foodies will be glad to know that there are grill stoves to use, and BBQ sets and dishes can be ordered from Suan Lamai’s in-house restaurant. 

activity at suanlamai camping
Image credit: สวนละไม / Suan Lamai

Be sure to visit the sheep farm which can be accessed for free! There is also a fruit buffet available from April to June – durian lovers take note. 

Suan Lamai
Address: 19/9, Ban Bueng-Klaeng Road, Payubnai Sub-district, Wangchan District, Rayong, Thailand, 21210.
Telephone: +66 9 8737 4983 | +66 9 8737 4984 | +66 9 8737 4985
Distance from Bangkok: ~3 hour drive
Suan Lamai website | Google Maps

6. The Birder’s Lodge – rustic camping with private BBQ spaces

The birder’s Lodge tent
Image credit: Med Saii

If you really would like to sneak out to a quiet place, The Birder’s Logde is the perfect choice. Each living space is located separately around the area so you’ll have a good dose of privacy while here.

There are 2 main accommodations: tiny houses and tents. These have been designed to follow the theme “modern-rustic”, giving the entire place a nice IG-worthy feel. There is also ample outdoor space for you to relax and have private parties.

Prices are as follows:


  • S –  ฿4,500 (~USD135) for 3 persons 
  • XS –  ฿3,800 (~USD114) for 2 persons
  • XXS – ฿3,300 (~USD99) for 2 persons


  • Teepee (3 tents available) – ฿2,400 (~USD72) for 2 persons
  • Bell Tents (3 tents available) – ฿2,800 (~USD84) for 2 persons
  • Cabin Tents (2 tents available) – ฿3,200 (~USD96) for 3 persons

Cosy camping spots at The birder’s Lodge
There are bicycles available for you to explore the area
Image credit: When we wander

All of the accommodations are air-conditioned and prices include breakfast. 

To cap off your camping dreams, a BBQ is a must. They have BBQ sets available (Pork: ฿250, Beef: ฿290) which you can grill on the outdoor stoves provided. 

barn at The birder’s Lodge
Main barn
Image credit: @kwang_is_me

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the main space transforms into a farmers’ market, with locals bringing in fresh fruits and veggies for sale. You could get some ingredients for your cookout here too!

And good news for cafe enthusiasts: The Birder’s Lodge has a cafe where you can drop by for breakfast and morning coffee.

The Birder’s Lodge
Address: 282 Moo 10, Moosri Sub-district, Pakchong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand 30450.
Telephone: +66 4 430 0185 | +66 8 1645 4252
Distance from Bangkok: ~5 hour drive
The Birder’s Lodge website | Google Maps

7. Camp Out Korat – hobbit-style huts and campervans

inside a car camp
Image credit: Camp Out Korat

Camp Out Korat offers a variety of room styles from boho tents to villas, but the highlights are definitely their campervans and hobbit-style huts.

Their Camper Cars are fully air-conditioned and cost ฿2,000 (~USD60) for 2 people, including breakfast. Each car is decorated with fairy lights both inside and out, so don’t miss out some cute shots here!

caravan camping
Outdoor grill area
Image credit: @danpattietv

Cosy camping spots in the tree house style
Image credit: เ ที่ ย ว ใ ห้ ค น อิ จ ฉ า

The Tree House, also ฿2,000 (~USD60) including breakfast, is suitable for 2-3 people. It’s designed to look like a hollow tree, which gives it its “Hobbit” hut feels. Large groups of friends can opt for the Water House (฿10,000, ~USD300), which fits 15-20 people. It comes with 5 bedrooms, private bathroom and toilets, and free space for gatherings.  

BBQ picnic sets and charcoal are available for ฿100. If you’re not preparing your own food, you can also get skewers to grill at ฿25/stick. 

DIY breakfast at a camping
There is a DIY station to make your own breakfast too!
Image credit: @ienk_ink

Camp Out Korat
Address: 267 Moo 11 Angkeaw village, Chokchai-Detudom Rd., Makruemai Sud-district, Sungnoen District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand 30170.
Telephone: +66 6 5626 9280
Distance from Bangkok: ~5 hour drive
Camp Out Korat website | Google Maps

Plan your next camping trip for the winter

Enjoy your upcoming Thai winter and a long holiday at the end of this year with these camping spots. Don’t hesitate to pack your picnic set together with a big group of friends and family to make your winter as warm as ever.

Note: Winter in Thailand typically lasts from November – February.

cosy camping spots near Bangkok
Image adapted from @papagardenkhaokho, Med Saii, The Campville Khaokho, and สวนละไม / Suan Lamai

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