Chiang Mai Has A Homestay With A Large Rustic Thai-Style Mansion Nestled In The Jungle For Your Next City Escape

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Ban Tarnchevee Homestay

When it comes to escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city, Chiang Mai‘s forests are perfect for any traveller.

Plus, nothing beats experiencing a hidden gem in an even more secluded area – and this is why I will be introducing you to Ban Tarnchevee Homestay.

Here at Ban Tarnchevee Homestay, you will be able to fully experience life in the wilderness, almost as if you were one of the Lost Boys in Neverland. For the girls, this is probably your best bet to feel like a modern day Tinkerbell, all for less than ฿1,000 (~USD30)/pax/night.

If this sounds like something up your alley, then read on to find out more about this little rustic escape in Chiang Mai.

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Capture photos and transport yourselves to Neverland once night falls at Ban Tarnchevee Homestay

As you walk towards the traditional hut that is Tarnchevee, you will see it is nicely nestled in the deep green of the jungle, standing out as an oasis, almost.

Image credit: @palpkw

The warm yellow hues of the hut and soft trickling of the stream will be the first things that welcome you as you get nearer to the mansion.

Tarnchevee stream Image credit: @n.nhonb

As the sun sets, the establishment lights up and looks like it has been touched by magic and a side of pixie dust.

Tarnchevee night
Image credit: @palpkw

Sometimes I really do wonder if these places are real, because these pictures truly make this place look like a scene fresh out of a movie.

Relax by the stream right outside your rooms or enjoy some slow-drip coffee in the morning 

During your stay here, the whole site is basically calling out to the inner camper within all of us.

I mean, you could literally grab any one of those portable chairs and chill out by the stream and get lost in your books while you’re here.

Image credit: @naphon_dough

There is also a home-cafe here. If you fancy a dose of caffeine anytime throughout the day, you could visit them for a cup of aromatic slow-drip coffee. 

Image credit: @tarnchevee.chiangdao

The cafe also carries a series of homemade baked goodies that you could have with your coffee.

Image credit: @tarnchevee.chiangdao

So, for those of you who might have been worried that it may have been too wild, I hope these sweet treats put you at ease.

There are 2022 promotions available, including discounted rates from ฿750 (~USD23)/pax/night.

This year, to celebrate them reaching 6666 likes on Facebook, Ban Tarnchevee Homestay has a series of promotions available.

For those interested, a stay anytime between January – February, it would only cost ฿850(~USD25)/pax/night. After which, a stay between March – December would only cost ฿750(~USD23)/pax/night. Do keep an eye on their page for more promotions though.

Image credit: @n.nhonb

Both promotions also include free breakfast and dinner for the guests.

Ban Tarnchevee Homestay Special menu
Image credit: @tarnchevee.chiangdao

The rooms here are also designed with a certain lightness and rustic flair.

Ban Tarnchevee Homestay
Image credit: @tarnchevee.chiangdao

With the elegant use of rattan and bamboo poles within the rooms, the hut blends seamlessly with nature, making this a true blue escape from the city.

Image credit: @tarnchevee.chiangdao

There are three different types of rooms available, each with en-suite bathrooms.

Ban Tarnchevee HomestayImage credit: @tarnchevee.chiangdao

The smallest rooms – Chonlathee and Wapi – are able to house 2-4 people. The Amphu room is able to house 2-6 people.

While, last but not least, the Thanthada room is able to house 2 – 12 people. So, technically this could also be an option for an extended family weekend. (Or a team cohesion – you could send this link to your bosses, just sayin’. *wink*) 

Image credit: @tarnchevee.chiangdao

I mean, who wouldn’t want to wake up to a view like this? Sign me up, Sherlock!

Book your stay at Ban Tarnchevee Homestay

Ban Tarnchevee Homestay 1Image credit: @n.nhonb

If there’s anything I absolutely love about Thailand, it is that every part of the country gives you a little something different.

So, if you’re someone who’s already used to the bustling streets of Bangkok or the clear waters around the islands down south, perhaps this little jungle getaway could be for you.

Ban Tarnchevee Homestay
Address: Baan Mae Na 39 Moo 11 Mae Na, Chiang Dao District, Chiang Mai 50170
Opening Hours:
Daily, 9AM – 6PM 
Telephone: +66 9 9414 4265

Ban Tarnchevee Homestay Facebook | Instagram | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from: @tarnchevee.chiangdao, @n.nhonb, @n.nhonb

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