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New 90-Day Visa Targets Foreigners Training In Muay Thai

90-day visa for Muay Thai trainees

Unquestionably, Muay Thai serves as a major soft power in Thailand and enjoys a worldwide reputation. It draws a lot of foreigners to engage in training and embrace the culture of Thai boxing.

Now we have a piece of good news for those foreigners who are interested in training in Muay Thai. Recently, Thailand has introduced a new 90-day visa tailored for Muay Thai trainees, allowing an extension beyond the initial 60-day period.

Visa extension from 60 days to 90 days

Image credit: @Daniil Zanevskiy via Unsplash

The government aims to promote Muay Thai — as one of the country’s soft powers — by announcing a new special visa for those interested in training in Muay Thai. With a typical tourist visa, a foreigner will be allowed to stay in Thailand for up to 60 days to begin with, but foreigners who join Muay Thai training sessions will be able to extend their stay to 90 days with this new special visa.

People who aspire to participate in Muay Thai sessions at gyms certified by the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) can apply for a Non-Ed Visa from Thai embassies abroad. That said, the release date of this visa remains undisclosed at this time.

Muay Thai trainers can get a certificate after a training session

Image credit: @Filipp Romanovski via Unsplash

Furthermore, the government plans to improve the standards of Muay Thai by organising a training session for Muay Thai trainers. The trainers will be granted a certificate after completing the session.

Trainers holding certificates will be motivated to conduct training sessions abroad. This will not only enhance their income opportunities but also increase accessibility for foreigners to engage with this national martial art.

90-day visa for Muay Thai trainees

This is a good move to make more foreigners aware of our national sport and urge them to come and learn it. Although the sport is widely known outside the country, continuous efforts to keep making it more recognised and convince people to be part of it are valuable.

If you’re visiting Thailand for Muay Thai training, consider this opportunity to allow you to stay longer in the country.

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Cover image adapted from: @Daniil Zanevskiy & Filipp Romanovski via Unsplash