747 Cafe Is An Airplane Bistro In Bangkok With ฿120 “Flights” For Those Who Miss Air Travel

747 Cafe in Bangkok

What’s special about most cafes in Bangkok – in addition to delectable cuisines – are the design elements. From modern designs or soothing atmospheres that reminds us of attractions foreign countries, Bangkok cafe’s are pretty hard to forget.

However, in case you’re looking for a cafe that brings you more than those elements, we suggest heading over to 747 Cafe, where you can have your meal inside of a giant airplane.

Here’s what you need to know before paying a visit.

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747 Cafe is built inside the world’s largest airplane

747 Cafe is a two-storey airplane bistro located on a 3.95 acre plot of land in the Ladkrabang district.

Image credit: Hello2day

“Reinvention” is the only word that best describes the reason why this gigantic Boeing 747 HS-STA didn’t choose to land at Suvarnabhumi airport and is now a cafe.

This Boeing vehicle was formerly known as the world’s largest airliner, whose passenger service started in 1988 and was later retired.

Image credit: Hello2day

After the decommissioning the Boeing 747, the airliner was brought back to life again in 2020. This time, it was reinvented as a cafe that attracts a lot of attention from tourists and locals alike.

Image credit: AROUND

Even though the engines were withdrawn from the jet, other parts still remains intact. Therefore, visiting 747 Cafe will not only offer a new cafe experience, but will also allow you to explore every inch of an aircraft – a rare experience other establishments cannot provide.

Instagrammable spots at the aircraft cafe

Before entering the cafe, visitors are required to show a flight ticket, which is available at ฿120 (~USD3.60) per person.

The ticket price can later be used to cover the food & beverages you order. The menu covers a wide array of baked goods and drinks, with prices starting from ฿110 (~USD3.31).

Image credit: AROUND

Upon arriving inside, visitors will be introduced to the main lounge of the aircraft, which bears a striking resemblance to the interior of spaceships.

Image credit: Finkubfan

The dining area is dotted on either side with signature-round aircraft windows, where if you get your angles right, you can trick others into believing you’re having lunch on a flying airplane.

Image credit: 747 Cafe

Upstairs is a cockpit, which is another main highlight of the cafe. In this quasi-functional room, you can roleplay as a professional pilot who is controlling the system while the plane is taking off.

Image credit: Hello2day

As the pictures have shown, the aircraft’s interior features several photogenic spots that also reveal more about the systems that keep the plane flying.

Our favourite, though, is this cobalt blue reactor that reminds us of the Arc Reactor in Iron Man. With its outstanding look, we presume that this giant arc reactor’s counterpart must be the source of power used to propel the aircraft’s engine.

Image credit: Finkubfan

The cafe also provides a small terrace that stretches out across the jet’s wings, where you can take a nice pictures with the body of an airplane and crystal clear sky as a backdrop.

Only a 30-minute drive from Suvarnabhumi airport

747 Cafe is only 30 minutes away from Suvarnabhumi airport. With the experience that the aircraft cafe offers, we’re probably sure that you’re ready to drive over to this Boeing 747 right after disembarking from yours.

The attraction is very busy on weekends, so you can choose to pay a visit on weekdays to avoid the crowd.

747 Cafe
Opening Hours: 8AM – 6PM, Daily
Address: 627 1 Luang Phaeng Rd, Khwaeng Thap Yao, Khet Lat Krabang, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10520
Telephone: +66 8 2621 3520
747 Cafe Facebook | Google Maps

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