Zaap Nua: Northeastern Thai Food Buffet In BKK With Over 25 Choices Of Yum For ~$6.50

Thai-style meat salad in BKK

The most famous Northeastern Thai dish is yum, which literally translates to “mix”. The dish is composed of one key ingredient – meat or tofu – that is tossed around with lemon juice, spices, coriander, and really, whatever one desires. 

Because there isn’t a set recipe for yum, there are multiple ways to make the mixed salad. So, if you haven’t tried it before, we’d recommend heading down to Zaap Nua, a yum buffet restaurant where you can sample all types of mixed salads. 

Located in Perm Sin, Zaap Nua’s buffet costs only ฿199 (~USD6.50) and offers over 25 different menu items. The best part is that the restaurant does not impose a time limit, so patrons can really relish each sample of yum and other Northeastern Thai dishes.

What to order at Zaap Nua

Each dish at the buffet restaurant is rich in flavours, and some of them can get pretty spicy. So, we recommend you use the magic words,pet noi” which translates to “only a little bit spicy”, when ordering your yum, as well as preparing a glass of milk before enjoying your authentic Thai mixed salad. 

First up on the menu was Yum Khao Pod Goong Dip Nam Plara, which uses raw corn, raw shrimp, and fermented fish; we also added rice noodles to help add a chewy texture to the dish. This mixed salad was spicy, sour and sweet all at once – the fermented fish was intensely spicy while the corn and raw shrimp offered hints of sweetness. 

Combine the very umami broth with chilli and lime, and you’re in for a refreshing and filling soup. 

We also ordered Tom Leng Zaap, a pork-spine-based soup with Thai chilli peppers, lime juice and fish sauce. In addition to the rich flavours brought by the stewed pork-spine broth, another unique experience that comes with having Tom Leng Zaap is the chewy bone marrow that’s attached to the spine. We’d recommend you order a side of sticky rice to help with the spice. 

Another must-try at Zaap Nua is the Yum Seafood Nam Plara, a mixed salad that features raw shrimp, cockles, and crab tossed in a generous amount of Thai pepper, lime and fermented fish sauce. Taking a bite was like an explosion of seafood, spices and tang. Just like Yum Khao Pod Goong Dip Nam Plara, add some rice noodles to break up the seafood texture, or ordering a side of sticky rice. 

While fresh and fermented seafood are popular items on the menu, Zaap Nua also offers other dishes like Tab Wan Moo which is sweet and spicy pork liver and Moo Yang or “marinated grilled pork” that goes oh-so-perfectly with warm sticky rice.

Try Thai-style meat salad while at Bangkok

Yum is a dish that brings a bursting experience to our taste buds, so it’s no wonder that it’s a local favourite. If you’re currently staying on vacation in Bangkok, it’s worth it to drop by at Zaap Nua and give it a try.

Zaap Nua
Address: 8/86 Phoem Sin Rd., Sai Mai, Bangkok 10220
Opening Hours: 11AM-10:30PM, Daily
Telephone: +66-2-006-3838

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