Woman arrested with large amount of Methamphetamines

In Thai culture, a Kuman Thong is a child ghost that is believed to bring people good fortune and make their wishes come true. Many people have figurines of the ghost at home, to whom they ask for blessings.

In exchange for having their wishes fulfilled by a Kuman Thong, people are expected to a red drink, sweets, or toys to the statue as a symbol of thanks.

However, certain individuals seem to have deduced that their Kuman Thong statues have grown tired of these offerings and would appreciate drugs instead.

Here’s the story of a Thai woman in Buri Ram who was arrested with a large amount of Methamphetamines that she claimed were for her Kuman Thong.

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Woman arrested after slamming drug dealer online

On 15th January 2022, a 21 year-old woman named Bee was arrested after she slammed a drug dealer for the unfair amount of Methamphetamines she received on Facebook.

Screenshot: AMARINTV

One of the police offers, Police General Witsanu Apornpong, announced Bee’s arrest on the charge of having Methamphetamines in her possession, as published in CH3 Thailand News.

Image credit: Daily News

Bee allegedly admitted to drug possession and addressed the reason why she made a post slamming the drug dealer on her Facebook: she was displeased with the incorrect amount of Methamphetamines she received.

The woman claims that her Kuman Thong statues wanted to use the drugs

Bee also revealed that she didn’t want to use the drugs, but she was forced by her Kuman Thongs.

Screenshot: AMARINTV

According to CH3 Thailand News, Bee claimed that her Kuman Thongs wanted to use the drug and asked her to procure some.

Netizens suggest the Kuman Thong statues should be arrested too

After the news was posted by several media outlets, many netizens commented their thoughts on the story.

Screenshot: CH3 Thailand News

Translation: Well, she was jailed because her Kuman Thongs.

One netizen pointed out the irony that the woman was arrested because of her Kuman Thongs, instead of receiving blessings from them.

Screenshot: CH3 Thailand News

Translation: The police need to arrest the Kuman Thongs too because they use the drugs.

Another netizen shared that it was unfair to arrest only the woman. After all, the police officer should’ve the Kuman Thongs too since they wanted the drugs.

Screenshot: CH3 Thailand News

Translation: Take her Kuman Thongs to rehab too

One Facebook user thought that Kuman Thongs should undergo rehabilitation alongside the woman.

Confess the truth & admit your guilty

It’s not every day that you hear about a child-ghost statue craving for drugs. While we empathise with the woman and hope that she receives all the assistance and the support she needs, it’s also important that we take responsibility for our actions.

One lesson that we learned from this story is that if we do something wrong, we should confess the truth and accept the consequences.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): Khaosod, AMARINTV

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