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Woman Finds 30KG Of Whale Vomit Worth ~฿100M On Seaside Stroll, Inspires More Long Walks On The Beach

Woman finds 30KG of whale vomit worth ~฿100M

A few weeks ago, netizens were astonished by the YouTuber’s discovery of a rare tarantula which marked the first time in 104 years that a new species of spider was discovered in Thailand.

Similarly, another individual has made a groundbreaking discovery.

Here’s the story of a woman in Pattani who found 30KG of whale vomit worth ฿100 million (~USD4,000,000).

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Woman discovers whale vomit

On 21st February 2022, the story of a 30 year-old woman named Aunmanee Sarirayoh who discovered 30KG of whale vomit became talk of the town among Thai netizens.

Image credit: Sanook

The woman stumbled across a large mass of whale vomit while walking along the beach with her family at Ta Loh Ka Poh, Yaring, Pattani.

She then took the mass home and had it checked if it was authentic ambergris at Scientific Research Center, Prince of Songkla University. Later, she was confirmed by the expert that the substance was the genuine whale vomit, reported by Bangkokbiznews.

Image credit: Sanook

The lucky woman revealed that she set the price for the ambergris at ฿100 million (~USD4,000,000).

She will donate some money she received from selling the substance to a religious organisation and people in need, according to Khaosod Online.

Netizens wonder what the whale vomit is for

After the story was circulated online, many netizens share their comments wondering what the whale vomit is for.

Screenshot: ข่าวช่อง 8

Translation: What is it for?

One Facebook user wondered what the whale vomit is used for.

Screenshot: ข่าวช่อง 8

Translation: Foreigners buy the whale vomit to produce perfume essence sold in luxurious department stores like King Power. One bottle is available at around ฿500,000 (USD15,400).

One netizen clarified that the whale vomit is used for making perfume essence.

Screenshot: ข่าวช่อง 8

Translation: Should I invest in raising whales so that I can collect their vomit for selling?

Another netizen asked if he should invest in raising whales.

Lets find whale vomit at the beach

With the whale vomit’s price worth a million, now we know how to become a millionaire in one night.

So, let’s head over to the island in Southern Thailand to find the whale vomit and sell them to perfume manufacturers.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Left): Sanook

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