Dragon temple in Thailand 

Thailand has some intriguing towers and buildings that depict animals, like the giant frog museum building in Yasothorn Public Park.

Only one hour away from Bangkok lies Wat Samphran, a temple that houses a 17-storey dragon tower that extends 80 metres into the sky. 

Thai temple wrapped with a swirling dragon 

Officially registered in 1985, the Buddhist temple’s architecture fuses Chinese-Thai design. The temple grounds are built in the traditional Thai-Buddhist style, with a great emphasis on gold and spires. While dragons play a pivotal role in both cultures’ lore, the dragon at Wat Samphran is built in accordance with Chinese depictions of the creature.

Wat Samphran Has A 17-Storey Dragon Tower
This mythical creature that’s wrapped around the tower might somewhat remind you of Shenron or the Dragon God from Dragon Ball.
Image credit: @dealsee.th (Left), @dragonballcba (Right)

In order to climb the tower, visitors must ascend through the inside of the dragon’s body. 

Wat Samphran Has A 17-Storey Dragon TowerImage credit: @triggerboy_vk (Left), @phonetatiya (Right)

Once they reach the top of the tower, which is a worshipping site, visitors are rewarded with a panoramic view of the Nakhon Pathom’s abundant rice paddies and villages. 

Take in the view, however, it’s important to refrain from speaking as an act of respect towards locals who go to the site to pray. 

Wat Samphran Has A 17-Storey Dragon TowerImage credit: @wheretry_ni 

Other structures at Wat Samphran 

Wat Samphran temple grounds also boast a large golden Buddha statue and other animal statues that play a part in Thai and Chinese lore. 

Wat Samphran Has A 17-Storey Dragon TowerImage credit: @r_noi

Also, there are other statues of giant animals around the temple, such as the white rabbit – that symbolises luck and quick-thinking. There is also a rather large turtle figure, which is said to be one of the four sacred animals; the reptile represents wisdom, resilience and prosperity in traditional Chinese belief.

Wat Samphran Has A 17-Storey Dragon TowerImage credit: @buhrun (Left), @i_bangkok (Right)

Nakhon Pathom dragon temple 

Wat Samphran Has A 17-Storey Dragon TowerImage credit: @supermickiii

There are so many overlooked places around Thailand and this place is one of them. It’s only 45 km – 50 km away from Bangkok city, Wat Samphran is a good choice for daytrippers looking for a sense of adventure. 

Wat Samphran
Address: 92 Sam Phran, Sam Phran District, Nakhon Pathom 73110
Opening Hours: 6AM – 6PM Daily
Telephone: +66-8-1901-8389
Website | Google Maps

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Cover images adapted from: @dealsee.th (Left), @wheretry_ni (Centre), @supermickiii (Right)

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