Wat Pha Sorn Kaew

Undeniably, temples have been an integral part of Thai culture for so long that we can expect to find them everywhere in all the provinces in Thailand. Moreover, many tourists are passionate about visiting our stunning temples around the country to fully immerse themselves in the rich cultural history. But with so many options out there, you may be wondering which to focus on.

If you’re looking for a unique temple somewhere outside of Bangkok, Wat Pha Sorn Kaew in Khao Khao is situated on a hill with huge white Buddhas and a golden pagoda that overlook green rolling hills. We’ve thrown in a post-pilgrimage locale for you to check out as well – a hidden Nordic-style 7-Eleven branch that allows you to indulge in snacks while admiring scenic views of Khao Kho.

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Wat Pha Sorn Kaew has giant white Buddhas & a golden pagoda in Khao Kho

Image credit: @escaper.journey

Wat Pha Sorn Kaew is a sizeable temple located on a hill in Khao Kho with several lush rolling hills surrounding the site. Formerly, the temple was a sanctuary that monks and Buddhists came to take a break from a chaotic life. But due to its rich cultural history and panoramic views of the mountains, the temple has evolved into a popular destination among tourists in Khao Kho.

Image credit: @banksjourney

Once you walk towards the temple, we’re sure your attention will be drawn right away to these giant white Buddhas that sit in the middle of the temple. The noteworthy feature of the statues is the way they positioned these five Buddhas by size, with a larger ones behind the smaller ones. If you come during the weekend, you can expect a large crowd of visitors, as many people from other cities nearby drop by to pay their respects and snap photos.

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Beside the Buddha statues rests a golden pagoda on the opposite side – also considered another staple attraction visited by hundreds of guests. Decked out with colourful mosaic tiles, the pagoda boasts puzzles of the religious precepts, unlike other typical pagodas elsewhere. In addition – on the both sides of the pagoda – there are stairways for you to climb up and get better views of the mountains that appear around the temple.

Nordic-style 7-Eleven outlet with scenic views

Image credit: Travel X Muscle

Before leaving, make time to check out this 7-Eleven branch, which we believe is a far cry from other branches in Thailand. This 7-Eleven is designed to resemble a Nordic glass house with two storeys.

Image credit: เที่ยวแหลก แดกกาแฟ

While going up the stairs, you can spot a large forested area situated below in the  distance. If you come during the winter, we’re sure you will get to admire the sea of fog as well.

Image credit: tkvariety

Once you get to the second floor, there is a bar-counter with items on the menu where you can order some food to appease your hungry stomach. After you get your order, bring it right outside and sit at this marble balcony bar which lets you observe sweeping views of the lush green mountains that Khao Kho is famous for.

Getting to Wat Pha Sorn Kaew

If you’re ever in the area, we’d definitely recommend dropping by this temple the next time you come to Khao Kho in Petchaboon. Other than the Wat Pha Sorn Kaew temple, the area has a lot to offer you that will make any road trip from the city worthwhile. For instance, the view from the 7-Eleven might get you stuck there for hours – an experience not unlike a regular cafe. However, if you find it exhausting to drive from Bangkok to Khao Kho as it takes six hours, the alternative is flying to Phitsanulok and hiring a taxi from the airport or within the city towards the temple. That being said, we find that renting your own car would be a better choice, so you can fully bask in the scenery at your own pace.

Wat Pha Sorn Kaew
Address: 95 Khaem Son, Khao Kho District, Phetchabun 67280
Opening Hours:
7AM – 5PM, Mon – Fri  | 6AM – 5PM, Sat – Sun
Telephone: +66 6 3359 1554
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