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10 Valentine’s Day Gifts That You Can Surprise Your Bae & Make Their Day

Valentine’s Day gifts

For those with a special someone on the side, we know you are looking forward to this forthcoming Valentine’s Day. It’s a special occasion that you can sweeten and romanticise your relationship by exchanging lovely gifts with each other.

If you can’t decide what to buy for your bae, check out these 10 last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts that will make your beau’s day.

1. Madam Peony —  a cute Thai-branded shoulder bag that matches any outfits

Image credit: @madampeonybag via Instagram

For women, a cute mini bag can be a gift that’ll put a smile on their faces. If you are a man seeking a gift for your girlfriend on this upcoming romantic day, a shoulder bag from a Thai brand — Madam Peony — will do the trick. They offer various colours to choose from, so make sure you pick the one that suits your bae, priced at ฿1,590 (~USD44.33).

You can explore Madam Peony bags here.

2. CALLED_P — buy matching sweaters to wear on a date

Image credit: @called_p via Instagram

Matching outfits are a thing for many couples. CALLED_P is a clothing store on Instagram where you can grab many stylish garments for you and your significant other to wear while going out on a date. Prices range from ฿1,290 (~USD35.97) to ฿1,690 (~USD47.12).

You can check out CALLED_P clothing items here.

3. Sony Headphone — a headphone to enjoy your own musical world

Image credit:

Headphones are favoured items for those who enjoy immersing themselves in their own musical worlds. But that’s not it; people wear headphones for fashion these days.

So, consider this Sony with Mic. Wireless WH-CH520/BZ Black at ฿1,790 (~USD49.89) for your loved one. This headphone is comfy and offers a long battery life. We’re sure they will surely enjoy wearing it while going out.

Buy the item here.

4. GUCCI Flora EDP — buy one get one free at EVEANDBOY

Image credit: Amazon Finds | Lifestyle Blogger via Pinterest

Valentine’s Day is coming, and you or your honey might want a perfume that matches the day of love, so check this GUCCI Flora EDP out.

EVEANDBOY is now organising EVEANDBOY THE WORLD OF FRAGRANCE 2024, offering discounts and special deals on many perfume items, including GUCCI Flora EDP.

You can grab (฿6,200 ~USD172.72) GUCCI Flora EDP 100ml and get another 30ml one for free, valued at ฿3,890 (~USD108.32), at these branches: The Underground Siam Square One, EMSPHERE, and Mega Bangna.

5. Glico Alfie — yummy chocolate for chocolate lovers

valentine's giftsImage credit: Glico

It’s undeniable that chocolate is a popular gift that people can give to each other on Valentine’s Day.

Until 23 February, you can buy two Glico Alfie bars and get another one for free at all 7-ELEVEn stores at ฿20 (~USD0.56).

So, if you want to buy some chocolate bars to enjoy with your soulmate on Valentine’s Day, we think you should take advantage of this deal. Make sure you try all its three flavours, which are chocolate, cookies, and cream and strawberry.

6. NARAK SHOP — beautiful dresses for women to put on this Valentine’s Day

valentine's giftsImage credit: NARAK SHOP via Lazada

If you’re a man, we can agree that we all want our queens to look the best on this special day. So, how about a beautiful dress for her?

Explore NARAK SHOP on Lazada. This online shop has a variety of women’s clothing items that look very attractive and pretty. Imagine surprising your girlfriend with a lovely dress. She must be over the moon seeing it.

Take a look at the item here.

7. SMALL STORE — small 3D lamps to decorate a bedroom

valentine's gifts
Image credit: SMALL STORE via Shopee

Not all people want luxurious items like a Rolex watch or a BVLGARI necklace. Maybe just a cute small thing like a lamp will bring much joy to the recipient.

Head to SMALL STORE on Shopee and browse their enchanting 3D lamps. They have a wide selection of patterns that can add liveliness to the bedroom.

Check their 3D lamps out here.

8. CORSAIR MOUSE M55 RGB PRO — a gaming mouse for passionate gamers

valentine's giftsImage credit: DataBlitz via Facebook

Calling out all the ladies who have a gaming boyfriend! You know any gaming devices will make them happy, right? Get this (฿990, ~USD27.55) CORSAIR MOUSE M55 RGB PRO for them.

This gaming mouse will give you a better experience in playing all kinds of games. It features RGB lighting and allows you to adjust the DPI up to 12,400 DPI, ensuring entertainment for all gamers.

You can buy this CORSAIR MOUSE M55 RGB PRO here.

9. IONEAIR — a portable Japanese PM2.5 air cleaner

valentine's giftsImage credit: Kiseki Thailand st

Living in urban cities in Thailand these days can be quite tough due to the high levels of PM2.5 and pollution. Show that you care about your SO’s health by giving them this IONEAIR air cleaner that comes in the form of a wristband, offering a promotion price at ฿1,590 (~USD44.31).

The wristband not only filters the dust for you but also helps get rid of bad smells such as body odour and smoke smell. Important, it doesn’t require battery charging and can last up to two years.

Check out the IONEAIE air cleaner here.

10. ASICS Magic Speed 2 2E —  a comfy pair of running shoes to boost your running performance

valentine's giftsImage credit:

A good pair of running shoes can help you feel comfy and help boost your running performance. For couples who love running on a daily basis, go ahead and purchase this pair of ASICS Magic Speed 2 2E on Supersports’s online shop. The product is on sale currently, which is priced at ฿3,540 (~USD98.60).

Visit Supersports’s website and buy it here.

Let these Valentine’s Day gifts help empower your love

There are many ways you can strengthen your relationship, and giving gifts is definitely one of the most efficient ways. If you are looking for practical items to grant your loved ones, these Valentine’s Day gifts will work wonders.

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Cover image adapted from: @called_p via Instagram and Amazon Finds | Lifestyle Blogger via Pinterest