The One Ratchada (เดอะวัน รัชดา)

The One Ratchada is the lowkey night market located behind the Esplanade Mall. The spot was home to Train Night Market Ratchada, one of the hottest spots for Bangkok’s nightlife, before its closure due to Covid. Now, it’s found new life and the same convenient location.

Here’s the story behind the night market reopening as well as its new look.

The old Train Night Market Ratchada transformed

Image credit: @hikarutabi via Instagram

One of the hottest spots to visit after work when you’re looking for a lively place with some of the best bites on-the-go was the Train Night Market Ratchada. Unfortunately, like many local businesses, the widely popular night market permanently closed during the Covid-19 pandemic. The market would eventually reopen and rebrand as the, arguably even more popular, Jodd Fairs near Central Rama 9.

But what of the old spot? It’s also reopened as The One Ratchada. The very conveniently located market’s still got what made it charming, but also has a new feel to it that’s worth exploring as well.

A market for people who prefer less lively vibes

Image credit: @khun.chern via Instagram

Being so closely located to the Thailand Cultural Centre MRT station, the market is in a very easily accessible location. Despite that, the market has not yet managed to recapture most of its glory in its heyday, losing out to Jodd Fairs.

Because of that, however, the market has developed a new charm that would have been difficult for the old Train Night Market Ratchada to have. Smaller crowds mean you no longer have to fight for every inch of space. The lines are also shorter, so not as much waiting for food.

Image credit: @taisei.ishikawa via Instagram

Unfortunately, the slower business also means that there aren’t as many stalls as there used to be. What remains, however, is similar in quality to what you’d get at other markets.

For someone who can’t stand crowds, this is a nice dip into livelier outings without feeling overwhelmed.

A conveniently located night market worth visiting

While this night market is a far cry from its heyday, it still manages to find a new charm for people who don’t want the biggest crowds on their night out. And with how convenient it is to get to, it’s hard to not give it a try.

For a huge list of other night markets to check out, here is our guide to Bangkok’s hottest night markets. But if you’re just looking for good street food, we’ve got you covered too.

Address: 55 10 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400
Opening hours: 5pm-12pm, Daily
Contact: +66 2006 6655 | Google Maps

Cover image adapted from: @hikarutabi via Instagram and @taisei.ishikawa via Instagram

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