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6 Expats In Thailand To Thirst Over On Instagram

6 hot expats in Thailand

We have been told to follow our dreams and to never stop fighting to reach our goals since we were young. While it might be easier said than done, some people believe that fulfilling your life’s goals gets easier when you start doing what you love. 

If you’re looking for inspirational people who seem to be consistently achieving new milestones, then we have some good news for you.

We’ve compiled a list of 6 expats in Thailand whose journeys will encourage you to chase your own dreams and whose appearances will lead you to hit “follow” immediately. 

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1. Jake Egginton – professional model & agency director

If you’re familiar with this guy’s appearance on TV, you’re not alone. 

Jake Egginton is a professional model from England who has done a lot of Thai commercials for famous brands such as C-Vitt, Samsung, and LISTERINE. 

Image credit: @Jake_egginton

However, he’s not only a professional model but is also the founder and the director of his own modelling agency.

Image credit: @Jake_egginton

Scrolling through his Instagram, we can assume that Jake loves doing a wide range of exercises such as surfing and weight training which he claims to be part of his #dailygrind

Image credit: @Jake_egginton

Besides all those activities, Jake is often seen going on a trip with his close friend, Khun Park. In fact, the two made four episodes of a YouTube mini series called Khun Park’s Diary in Dubai that follows their luxe trip in the city. 

Both also give online English pronunciation lessons

Now that we have an experienced model on the list, let’s move on to get to know another rising star.

2. Ishikawa “Luke” Plowden – certified eligible bachelor

Ishikawa “Luke” Plowden is a Japanese-American actor/model. 

Prior to embarking on his acting career, Luke was a statistical analyst. He decided to shift focuses after he got casted as a model in Thailand in 2017

Image credit: Sanook

Just a year later, he made CLEO Magazine’s list of Most Eligible Bachelors in 2018. The publication also recognised him as the “most positive thinking bachelor” of that year.

Image credit: @Lukevoyage

Right now, he’s a full-time actor of GMMTV25 and recently played as the lead actor – yes, he also speaks Thai – on Thai series Oh My Boss.

Image credit: GMMTV

Last year, Luke collaborated with TRIBUTE, a Korean fashion brand. They designed and sold street wear to Thais, and profits were donated to charity. 

Luke’s story shows us that we don’t always have to stick to one career path and that we can find our passions a little later in life . Similarly, this next expat will prove that nothing is impossible once we start following our dream.  

3. Gyeon Seo – Korean singer who also acts in Thai series

Gyeon Seo is a Korean singer in Thailand whose career got off to a start after she released her single Teaching Love Language in 2011.

Image credit: @Sanook

Gyeon had dreams of being an artist since an early age. Luckily for her, destiny seemed to bring her to her schoolmates who introduced her to a Thai producer, who helped make her dreams a reality. 

After she rose to prominence with her first two singles, Gyeon got a chance to play in many Thai TV series. She also has a Facebook fan page with over 77K likes.

Image credit: @Queengyeon

Right now, she’s in a romantic relationship with Hunz Isariya Patharamanop, a famous Thai singer. The two often post dance videos on her TikTok account.

GIF: @Queengyeon

Though she seems to have a very tight schedule working as an actress and a singer, Gyeon still exercises everyday. For those who are interested, Gyeon also shares her own workout tips.

Image credit: Sarnha

For more famous expats who are often spotted in the gym, read onto the next point.

4. Peter Tuinstra – linguist-turned-star

Lovers of Thai TV series may be well familiar with Peter Tuinstra, an actor who has graced the silver screen for the past 22 years.

Image credit: บันทึก

Before his acting career took off, Peter was a soldier in the US army and a Thai linguist.

The former language expert revealed that he studied Thai for eight hours a day, everyday, for a year, daily. So, it’s unsurprising that this actor is able to speak Thai fluently.

If you want to know more about Peter’s language-learning journey and tips, you can listen to his full story on his podcast, Podtail.

Image credit: @Petertuinstra

After he moved to Thailand, Peter got an opportunity to play as a lead actor for the famous 2000 series, Boonrawd. From then on, Peter has acted in over a dozen of Thai series.

Image credit: @Petertuinstra

When he’s not working as an actor, Peter is taking care of his physical health. In fact, the 48 year-old holds a Black Belt in Judo and prioritises hitting the gym regularly.

Peter is a good example of a person who maintains a good work-life balance. Although, for others, mixing work with their personal life can bring about good results.

5. Daniel B. Fraser – TV host who fell in love with Thailand

Daniel B. Fraser is a TV host for a travel show in Thailand.

After listening to his father’s stories about the various countries he visited, Daniel made sure to incorporate his love for travel into his work.

Image credit: 40+ รับวัยว้าวุ่น

After moving to Thailand in 1999, Daniel found a home-base from where he can set out on multiple journeys across the peninsula.

Image credit: Daniel B. Fraser

Daniel hosts a travel TV show, Long Ruk Yim, where audiences can go on journeys with him.

Image credit: MThai

His content seemed to impress many Thai audience members, as he was awarded MThai Top Talk(ed) About Guy in 2014.

Daniel has shown us through his show that Thailand is the land of smiles. Scroll down to see the following expat whose dedication and talent will make you smile. 

6. Ase Wang – certified sexiest model

Ase Wang is a Singaporean-Swedish professional model who was ranked FHM Magazine’s #1 Sexiest model two years in a row.

Image credit: Kapook

But, nothing comes easy. Ase Wang revealed that she had to hit the gym everyday to keep her body at “its finest”

BoxHiit by Ase Wang
Image credit: @Ase_wang

However, her exercise routines inspired her to start ‘BoxHiit by Ase Wang’, a workout aimed to help people get fit through a mix of cardio and weight training.

Image credit: Sanook

Even when she was pregnant, Ose Wang still slayed as a model. She even did a photoshoot in her seventh month of pregnancy, which became viral on Instagram, amassing over 7K likes.

Image credit: @Ase_wang 

In addition to working in the entertainment industry, she also volunteers to teach English to orphan novices at a temple every Thursday.

Image credit: @Ase_wang

Even though she faced postpartum depression after giving birth to her first child, Ose Wang and her husband have shown that working together as a team can help you thrive in the face of adversity. 

Keep your fire of passion burning bright

Those six hot expats do not only give us great inspiration to chase our dreams, but also show us that we take every opportunity we can get without fear.

We’re pretty sure that these folks will not only help keep your passions burning, but will also set your Instagram feed on fire with their pictures. 

Cover images adapted from (L-R):  Sanook, Jake Eggintons, @asewang

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