Delivery service in the time of COVID-19

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Social distancing and staying at home are important measures needed during the spread of COVID-19. This has affected many businesses which have closed down, causing a high unemployment rates all over the world, as well as some having their jobs being put on a temporary hold.

Airline organisations are one of the most heavily affected groups due to the many travel bans being implemented. This has forced cabin crew and pilots who are currently on leave like Mr. Kritee to make some important life changes during this time.

From flying to riding

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Delivery services are now considered to be one of the most important businesses during COVID-19. One Thai delivery rider even earned over ฿50,000 just in 15 days. With everyone staying at home, these brave frontliners are the ones travelling back and forth to get us our food and other essentials.

Mr. Kritee  used to work as a pilot, but had to stop because of the pandemic leading to cancellations and suspensions of flights.

Without an income, expenses still needed to be paid and life has to go on every day. So instead of waiting for his finances to blow up, this pilot decided to make a choice to work as a delivery driver to get some money.

Delivery service during COVID-19Image credit: Rahusrub

Mr. Youngfuengmon shared that he actually used to work as a rider while waiting for his job as a pilot. He said that there was nothing to be ashamed of, and that there are many people making an honest living doing this.

Moreover, it pays the bills. With around 15-17 orders per day, he can earn around ฿1,500. His current income, savings, and compensation from his airline company will be able to cover his expenses, shared Mr. Youngfuengmon.

He also said that this crisis made him realise that nothing lasts forever. Don’t look down at anything that can give you a chance to live – just do it. Financial discipline and savings are also important because we don’t know what will happen in the future, he said. 

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Don’t let the crisis bring you down 

This is an inspiring story to cheer you up during this hard time. Some of us might have lost our jobs and suffered a financial loss during this time, but it’s important to keep our chins up and make it work to the best of our abilities.

We wish everybody stays safe – let’s get through these difficult times together.

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