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Thai Lady Shares Post About Elderly Ice Cream Uncle So He Can Get More Customers, Goes Viral

Thai uncle sells ice cream

Many of Thailand’s elderly population should be relaxing and enjoying their retiree-years at home. However, there are still a lot of them hawking snacks and food on the streets – this is the case for an uncle who hawks his popsicles on the streets around Krung Thonburi. 

On 17th March 2021, Facebook User, Shirohouse re-shared a story about the ice cream vendor after reading about him on a personal friend’s page. Her post also calls for other netizens to support the hardworking uncle who hasn’t been able to sell much of his inventory.

Sweet uncle goes viral 

A friend of Facebook user, Shirohouse happened to come across the uncle in front of her condominium – after having a chat with him, the individual was touched by his polite manner and hard work. She then asked Shirohouse to reshare his story in order to attract more customers for the small business; she also didn’t want to publicise her social media page. 

A Facebook Post of Thai Ice Cream Uncle Being Unable To Have His Ice Cream Sold Goes ViralImage credit: Shirohouse

The netizen’s Facebook post received over 3K likes and reshares for showing support to the uncle.
A Facebook Post of Thai Ice Cream Uncle Being Unable To Have His Ice Cream Sold Goes Viral

Screenshot: Shirohouse

Translation: #astoryfrommyfriend
I was having a chat with this uncle and asked him about his ice cream business today.

“You’re the first customer today, I didn’t know what to do, because I haven’t been able to sell my ice cream”.

The uncle showed me his ice cream cart and showed me how much ice cream there was. He was really unable to sell any of it. 

So I asked him if I could take photos of him to reshare his endeavours and tell my friends about him. The uncle was so polite and thanked me. I bought some of his ice cream and gave them to the security guard at my condominium. 

He was really well mannered, sweet, and well dressed. He wore a long white shirt with a pair of slacks on a hot sunny day.

Please support this uncle as much as you can. I want him to be able to earn a sustainable income.

PS. Please help the uncle
Coordinates: Krung Thonburi Road, around BTS Wong Wian Yai.

Netizens also show their empathy and support towards the uncle.

A Facebook Post of Thai Ice Cream Uncle Being Unable To Have His Ice Cream Sold Goes ViralScreenshot: Shirohouse

Translation: I’ve been around Wong Wian Yai and buying his ice cream a lot lately. I feel really happy when there are people who are supporting him on social media. The uncle is really polite and recently my mum ran to him and bought his ice cream. Thank you everyone who’s reshared his pictures online.

Support the uncle and other hawkers

The uncle is often seen around BTS Wong Wian Yai and Soi Charoen Krung 29/1 if you’d like to support him.

It’s always important to show kindness and support to others whenever you can. You never know when somebody needs help – even the kindest, happiest, and sweetest people can be struggling.

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Cover images adapted from: Shirohouse (Left & Right)

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