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10 Scariest Thai Horror Movies On Netflix For Halloween Movie Nights With Your Bravest Buddies

Thai horror movies on Netflix

Halloween is upon us. You won’t find many children going door to door trick-or-treating, but you can bet that the vast majority of Thailand will be indoors watching the scariest ghost movies we can find. The vast selection of Thai horror on Netflix might be as intimidating as the movies themselves, but we’re here to help you.

Here’s our top 10 Thai horror movies on Netflix for both the faint of heart and the fearless. 

1. Alone – a tale of conjoined twins where only one survives

Image credit: Themoviedb

Playing on the fear of being truly alone, the 2007 film features Pim and Ploy – a pair of conjoined twins who decide to get an operation to separate themselves. Unfortunately, only one survives and ends up getting haunted by her wrathful twin.

Screenshot: Netflix

The movie is centred around unpacking the unravelling relationship between the sisters, marred by their lack of independence due to their physical constraints. This leads to the breakdown of their relationship, and thus separation.

As the film progresses, viewers will gradually find out why the dead twin is so angry at her surviving sibling. All-in-all, Alone (2007) is an emotion-heavy movie examining the horror of being betrayed by your closest relative, so it’s definitely upping the scare factor in our books.

Screenshot: Netflix

Scare factor: 6/10 – Quite atmospheric with a few jump scares, but nothing too tough for horror veterans. 

Watch it on Netflix here.

2. Body (บอดี้..ศพ*19) – a supernatural murder mystery that blurs the line between reality and dreams

Image credit: Patsonic 

Body’s protagonist Chonlasit is a goofy long-haired dude that has recently been plagued by a recurring nightmare. In it, he witnesses a murder and dismemberment. As if that were not enough, a ghost appears before him after each nightmare.

The nightmares and ghost-sightings push Chonlasit into investigating the source of these horrific experiences. But the endeavour begins to exact a heavy toll on him.

Screenshot: Netflix

Body Sop #19 (2007) goes beyond simple hauntings and also touches on psychological horror. Viewers may find themselves on edge as the movie slowly unravels its many twists.

Screenshot: Netflix

Scare factor: 5/10 – The outdated CGI is scary for all the wrong reasons. Jump scares aplenty with this one and it might detract from the interesting psychological mystery that underlies the main plot.

Watch it on Netflix here.

3. Dorm (เด็กหอ) – a coming-of-age story with a ghostly twist

Image credit: เจนิ

Unlike the previous movies listed here, Dorm (2006) is more akin to a drama movie with ghosts. 

When protagonist Chatree moves to his new boarding school, he finds trouble fitting in and making friends. He spends most of his time alone at the old swimming pool where he soon meets Wichian.

As time passes, however, Chatree soon figures out that Wichian isn’t exactly…human. Sorry Chatree, but the odds of meeting a normal friend at a swimming pool late at night ain’t very high.


Chatree is initially frightened when he finds out what Wichian is, but slowly they begin to become friends. This pushes Chatree to begin investigating how Wichian died.


The film is easy to follow and is simply a heartfelt story about growing up and learning about life. Interestingly, the movie producer shared that the film is based on a true story that his friend experienced.

Scare factor: 3/10 – After the opening act, the film becomes more drama than horror. Perfect for kids and people who scare as easily as kids.

Watch it on Netflix here.

4. Coming Soon – a vengeful ghost haunts a bootleg movie of her own death

Image credit: Jim Sophon

Fans of meta-movies will definitely appreciate the tongue-in-cheek references in Coming Soon (2008)a movie about a horror movie that goes horrifically awry at the theatre.

Two projectionists, Shane and Yod, are tasked with a test-screening of a new horror film in the theatre before it’s shown to a live audience. Shane falls asleep and wakes up to find that Yod is missing. He calls his phone and learns that his co-worker got killed by a ghost, presumably originating from the movie.


Now, those who’re in this for the pure adrenaline rushes from terrifying but iconic scenes are certainly in the right place. This Thai horror movie includes plenty of jump scares, and a nasty central ghost whose visage will be on your mind long after the end credits roll. Kudos to the costume and make-up team, however, for creating the truly scary antagonist.

Screenshot: Netflix

Scare factor: 7/10 – Good atmosphere and excellent visuals mean that even veteran horror enthusiasts will find their palms sweaty by the end.

Watch it on Netflix here.

5. Shutter – the iconic Thai horror flick that inspired a generation

Image credit: Posterman2000

Shutter (2004) needs no further introduction. It is one of the OG Thai horror flicks and perhaps the most famous internationally. 

For the uninitiated Gen-Zs who haven’t gone through this rite of passage, here’s a quick summary of the plot to get your Spidey senses tingling.

Tham and Jane are driving back home from a university reunion. On the way home, they hit a woman, but quickly drive away after.

Some time after they get married. But after their wedding, their friends begin to face untimely deaths, one by one. While investigating their tragic circumstances, the couple deduces that these mysterious deaths may be connected to an equally mysterious woman who appears in every photo taken by Tham.

Image credit: Amorerana

Shutter is noteworthy as it draws viewers in with its slow-burning pace and plot. Through masterful cinematography and deliberate storytelling reveals, you’ll get to unpeel the layers and draw inferences on the dark facts concerning its protagonists.

Screenshot: Netflix

The central ghost in Shutter is inspired by iconic Japanese ghosts like Ju-On – arguably the highlight of the movie. Similar to Coming Soon (2008) mentioned above, Shutter is littered with memorable scary scenes in the movie. Though it’s been close to 20 years since it was produced, many Thai viewers still consider this movie to be one of the scariest Thai horror movies of all time.

Scary factor: 10/10 – When I watched this movie at the theatre, I watched half the movie with my eyes closed and hands over my ears. Money well spent. 

Watch it on Netflix here.

6. Phobia – horror anthology with some of Thailand’s most prolific horror filmmakers

Image credit: Movie.kapook

Phobia (2008) is a compilation of four separate short stories – with each story directed by a different director. Kinda like a Thai version of Netflix’s very own Black Mirror anthology.

This film consists of horror shorts themed around the idea of phobias by A-list directors with plenty of successes under their belts – e.g. Shutter, Alone, and Body Sop 19. So if you believe in supporting films with a quality cast and crew, you’ll be glad to know that you’re in safe hands.

Screenshot: Netflix

Do note that since the format is a little different, the plots of each episodic short move at a rapid-fire pace, great for those who dislike watching lengthy 3-hour movies. With all four different styles of fear represented on screen, we’re sure it’ll be a good pick to watch on Halloween movie nights with your gang.

Screenshot: Netflix

Scary factor: 7/10 – They’re relatively short, but make effective use of their time. Much of the fear will come after the movie when the horror has marinated in your mind. 

Watch it on Netflix here.

7. Phobia 2 – follow-up to the popular horror anthology

Image credit: Wikiwand

After the runaway success of Phobia, Phobia 2 (2009) was released a year later on a pretty ominous date – 9th Sep 2009. The movie follows a similar format, but this time ups the ante from four to five stories, each containing a moral themed around the idea of karma.

Screenshot: Netflix

Shorter formats aside, if you’d watched Phobia and liked it, we’re confident that Phobia 2‘s curation of horror shorts will definitely be worth watching too. What’s notable is that the film goes beyond the scares and cool cinematography to be a reflection on Thai philosophy and the notion of karma. Though parts of the film are pretty morbid and creepy, do look out for the more light-hearted moments that the directors slipped in for variations in tone. We won’t be too surprised if you laugh out loud at some points, instead of feeling frightened for the entire runtime.

Screenshot: Netflix

Scare factor: 7/10 – These short movies will haunt you for a few nights. 

Watch it on Netflix here.

8. Ladda Land – inspired by an iconic urban legend of a haunted condo

Image credit: Tpilums

As a kid, moving to a new place can be very frustrating and scary. Ladda Land (2011) plays on this fear, and goes a step further into the lengths familial bonds will drive us to sacrifice that which we hold dear.

Screenshot: Netflix

The story revolves around a family who moves to a new village named Ladda Land’ in Chiang Mai. Not long after the move, a homicide occurs in the village and surviving residents begin to experience creepy incidents that push many to move out. 

That being said, our family can’t go anywhere due to their financial problems, so they’re forced to deal with increasingly unpleasant situations.

Screenshot: Netflix

Apart from several intense jump scares, the film’s iconic moments are def how it constantly creates a charged, dramatic atmosphere between the family members. Due to how relatable their plight is, viewers will definitely feel like some of the issues could hit close to home, only this time, it results in haunting consequences on screen. Best to keep your box of tissues close by as well, as at the end of the movie, you might be crying, not out of fear but the sympathy you have for them.

Scare factor: 8/10 – The financial problems faced by this family are almost as scary as the ghosts that haunt them.

Watch it on Netflix here.

9. Daeng Phra Khanong (แดงพระโขนง) – horror comedy inspired by Thailand’s most popular ghost legend

Image credit: Blockdit

Daeng Phra Khanong (2022) is a comedy horror flick about a ghost kid who lives together with the villagers. Bringing to mind Pee Mak (2013)‘s mischievous blend of Thai slapstick humour, snappy dialogue filled with miscomms and scene-stealing spooks, fans of mixed genre movies will definitely enjoy this.

Screenshot: Netflix

Our story begins as we’re introduced to Daeng – a typical kid with a tight-knit group of friends. One day, one of his friends notices that something is a little odd about him and goes about trying to prove that he’s not a person. That’s when the ode to horror truly begins in the film.


Expectedly, you’ll be laughing more than hiding under the blanket when watching this movie as the funny premise is extremely entertaining. The film’s heart is definitely Daeng’s relationship with his friends and how the ghost boy’s day goes by with “alive people”. We give it extra points as well for the cute interactions between the child actors that’ll have you screaming ‘narak’ along with actual screams during jump scares.

Scare factor: 1/10 – This is not a horror movie. Won’t stop me from calling this one an absolute blast from start to finish though.

Watch it on Netflix here.

10. The Medium – Thai-South Korean horror mockumentary about Thai folk traditions

Image credit: Netflix

The Medium (2021) is a dream combination of scary Thai horror and South Korean production. It tells the story of shaman culture in the Isaan region of Thailand. 

Oftentimes in rural Thailand, people still turn to spirit doctors for answers to their problems so it is not out of place to see a person who is deeply connected to spirits to be highly revered in the community. 

The Medium tells the story of this culture, how the duty of being the village medium is usually handed down, and ultimately how many in the new generation have turned away from this tradition. 

Unlike the other Thai horror movies on this list, you can expect tons of slow burn scares and creeping dread, so keep your friends near. 

Scare factor: 7/10 – No overt jump scares but the horror will slowly creep up on you.

Watch it on Netflix here.

Thai horror movies for next-level Halloween gatherings

We’re aware that many great Thai horror movies fly under the radar on Netflix, so we hope this list can be a helpful guide for those who are fans of horror movies and are looking to curate a selection for your guests as Halloween approaches. If you’re not sure if you can withstand the scares, now you’ve got a real excuse to ask the bravest of your friends – or potential dates – to join you on your quest for survival.

So bookmark this list and share your potential picks in your LINE chat groups, ASAP. Time’s a-ticking till the microwaved popcorn is ready, so do let us know if we’ve missed any of your favourites and we might just review them in future lists.

Cover images adapted from: Matichon, Amazon, จับผิดหนั, Londonpubcm

Article originally published by Bank Fasaisirinan on October 2022. Last updated by buranond on October 2023.