Thai durian vendor sells fruit at ฿10/piece

Food and fuel prices are usually quite volatile, due to the changing climate during the Covid-19 pandemic.

One such example is a recent announcement about the price of diesel, and how citizens have been warned to expect it to increase by 1st May 2022.

Although we’re facing a difficult time, this story about a Thai durian vendor whose ฿10/piece pricing – aimed at helping low-income citizens alleviate the costs of enjoying the King of Fruits – restores our faith in humanity.

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Vendor sells durians at ฿10/piece for low-income citizens

On 28th April 2022, many Thai customers flocked to a street fruit stall at Muang district in Chiang Mai to buy durians starting from ฿10 (USD0.30) per seed.

10 baht durians Thailand
Image credit: THE WORLD NEWS

There are several types of durians available with the affordable prices ranging from ฿10 (USD0.30) to ฿30 (USD0.90) per piece.

10 baht durians Thailand
Image credit: Thairath

Mrs.Chuleeporn Saithong, a 28 year-old local durian vendor, revealed that she had come up with an idea to sell low-priced durians after she met a customer who couldn’t afford to buy a whole durian.

10 baht durians Thailand
Image credit: Sanook

Having sympathy for the poor customer, Chuleeporn then decided to cut the prices of her durians by portioning them out per piece. The rationale was to assist citizens who aren’t as well off to be able to enjoy their favourite fruit, even as we emerge from the pandemic.

A great idea to help everyone afford durians

Fruit stalls that sell high-quality fruits at very cheap prices may be rare, but here in Thailand, nothing is impossible.

We highly respect and would like to praise the vendor for her dedication to helping citizens during the tight situation resulting from the pandemic.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): Thairath, Sanook, THE WORLD NEWS

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