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Thai DJ Sees Ghost In Singapore Condo And Scolds It In English, Thai, And Mandarin

Thai woman fights with ghost 

We all know how ghost stories work. The living go to a haunted place, get scared, and free the area. But not this Thai DJ who refused to put up with a disruptive ghost in the condominium she was at.

A Thai ghost story page named เรื่องผีคืนนั้น (Ghost Story From That Night) posted screenshots from a series of IG stories from a Thai DJ named Alessa as she recalled her horrific experience while on a trip in Singapore. 

Thought it was sleep paralysis at first

Thai woman DJ fights ghost in Singapore

Image adapted from: เรื่องผีคืนนั้น

Alessa stayed in a 3-bedroom flat with some friends in the Cavenagh area during her recent trip to the little red dot. On the first night, one of her roomies said that she felt someone pulling her legs and arms in her sleep. Alessa dismissed this as sleep paralysis, which many describe as an inability to move or speak while being awake. 

But things only got worse from there.

On her 2nd night, Alessa heard a series of bangs on the wall. She decided to go back to sleep – only to slip into a realistic nightmare in which she found a human skull with long hair under her bed. 

Thai woman DJ fights ghost in Singapore

Disclaimer: Image for illustration purposes only
Image credit: Jp Valery on Unsplash

When she woke up, she felt something amiss. Alessa began to hear indistinct chattering in her room while everyone else was still asleep. She couldn’t make out what it was saying, but knew it was not Thai. 

Fought back in multiple languages

As the voices went on for almost 4 hours, and Alessa’s patience grew thin. In her stories on Instagram, she wrote that she’d talked back to the “ghost” in English, saying: “I’m tired of working just enough, don’t make me tired [of] you too. If you tease me again, I’ll fight back!”

That didn’t seem to help much, as the bangs on the wall kept going on. Then, she decided to start scolding the unknown source in Mandarin: “Leave me alone. Go away. Shut up.” 

Believe it or not, the sounds stopped abruptly after this. 

Thai woman DJ fights ghost in Singapore


Left – “Do you understand it’s a non-Thai ghost? They must have not understood Thai.”
Right – “I spoke Mandarin this time and it stopped. But this time it pulled my hair!”

Image adapted from: เรื่องผีคืนนั้น

Who would have thought being bilingual could help you communicate with the spirits?

But the shenanigans didn’t end there. Alessa recalled how her blanket was then snatched, and that she heard a moaning sound close to her ear. Then, she started getting visions of a female head gasping for air under her bed. Her roommates had to wake her up as she was screaming in her sleep.

She wasn’t the only person who saw the ghosts

Later that day, everyone in the house gathered to talk about their experiences through the night. Some claimed to have seen a male ghost, while others like Alessa saw a female one.

Thai woman DJ fights ghost in Singapore

Translation: Left – “Everybody in the room said they all saw ghosts – a man and a woman.’”
Right – “I have a buddha amulet, but if it doesn’t work, I have sleeping pills!”
Image adapted from: เรื่องผีคืนนั้น

Thai people believe that the dead can appear to the living just to beg for merit, but we can never be too sure these days. 

So to all the ghosts out there – be nice if you want people to share their good merit with you. To all the living, this story proves you can fight international ghosts too. It just requires courage – lots of it – and, well, language skills.  

Cover image adapted from: Jp Valery on Unsplash. For illustration purposes only.