Cheap secondhand market in Bangkok

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Talad Werng Pratu Kiew (Werng Pratu Kiew Market) is known among Thai locals as one of the most popular shopping zones to snag super cheap buys. Located within Wang Lang Market, here is where people can get all sorts of fashion items, from clothes and bags to shoes.

Although this hidden shopping spot isn’t as hip as popular markets like Chatuchak Weekend Market and Talad Rod Fai, it is off the beaten track and worth exploring. 

Go thrifting at Werng Pratu Kiew Market

It’s a common misconception that secondhand items are old and musty, but trust us – the goodies we found here were all in good condition. The stores are categorised according to item type, such as shoes, shirts, and ladies’ fashion.

Shirts and jackets

werng pratu kiew market clothes

Our favourite section was definitely the general tops zone. Here’s where you can find a variety of clothes like shirts, tees, and jackets. There are items available for both men and women, so keep your eyes peeled for any cool gems.

Tip: Look out for the shirts hung on the racks. You might find a cool vintage top!

werng pratu kiew market shirts

We recommend roaming around before making any quick purchases as there are stores offering all sorts of discount. For example, you might find the same shirt being sold at ฿120 at one store, and for only ฿60 at another.

Pants and shorts

The market also has lots of shops selling cool shorts and trousers. We found some pretty retro pants that would go well with a new pair of shoes.

werng pratu kiew market pants

The prices remain pocket-friendly – and we know how expensive pants can be. For example, you can find shorts for ฿100, and formal pants for only  ฿150.

Bags from backpacks to handbags

werng pratu kiew market bags
A lot of the shops here are full of stuff, so take your time looking through everything

A lot of the bags were in good condition and came in a variety of designs. We found backpacks, canvas totes, handbags, and even office bags here. Most are within the ฿150-฿200 range.

werng pratu kiew market handbags

Whether you’re looking for bags for children or something more sophisticated, the market has everything you’re looking for. 

Shoes like sneakers, boots, and heels

werng pratu kiew market shoes

From comfy sandals and sports shoes to classy high heels and boots, everything is available for you to buy. Although they are pre-owned, the shoes were well cleaned and ready to be loved again. Hey, you might just find your new favourite pair of shoes here.

We also found name brand items here like Adidas and New Balance. 

werng pratu kiew market sneakers
You can buy a pair of Adidas sneakers from just ฿100

What to eat around Werng Pratu Kiew Market

Shopping can take up lots of energy, so get ready to fuel up at this eateries when there.

1.Je Ouan Hoi Yai Krataron

Je Ouan Hoi Yai Krataron

Je Ouan Hoi Yai Krataron is a popular store which known for its oysters fried in egg batter. When passing the store, you can’t help but take in the mouth-watering scent of its Seafood Omelette (฿60).

Besides the crispy omelette, they also sell popular Thai dishes like Pad Thai from ฿40.

Je Ouan Hoi Yai Krataron
Address: 2/7, Arunammarin Soi 22, Siriraj, Bangkok Noi, Bangkok
Opening Hours: 9:30AM-8:30PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 95 121 5694

2.Orathai Sushi Wang Lang

Orathai Sushi Wang Lang

Orathai Sushi Wang Lang has been a local favourite when it comes to pocket-friendly sushi. There are over 40 choices for you to choose from and the price surprisingly starts at just ฿5 up to ฿10 for each piece.

 You can also try some Takoyaki which comes in a set of 8 for ฿50.

Orathai Sushi Wang Lang
Address: Next to Werng Pratu Kiew, 102, Soi Wang Lang,  Arunammarin, Bangkok
Opening Hours: 9:30AM-7:30PM
Telephone: +66 84 138 8334

3. Tago Mhae Pimjai

Tago Mhae Pimjai

Tago is a popular Thai dessert made from coconut milk pudding. There are 12 toppings available at Mhae Pimjai, from taro to blue sagu. 

Tago Mhae Pimjai pudding
Tub Tim Krob topping

You can get these at ฿50 for 4 pieces or ฿75 for 6 pieces.

Mhae Pimjai Khanom Thai Kati Sod
Address: Wang Lang Food Centre, 1st Floor, opposite to Siriraj Hospital
Opening Hours: 8:30AM – till stock runs out (usually ~2PM)
Telephone: +66 90 975 3318

Get cheap deals at Talad Werng Pratu Kiew

talad werng pratu kiew

These days, you can shop for almost anything online conveniently – but nothing really beats going down to a store and scoring cheap deals as you can at Werng Pratu Kiew market. Thailand is known for its vibrant markets, so make this a spot to visit while you’re here.

Werng Pratu Kiew Market
Address: Wang Lang Market, Siriraj, Bangkok Noi, Bangkok
Opening Hours: 10AM-5PM, Daily

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