Sri Leung Pochana – This Bangkok Stall Serves Giant 3KG Chicken Rice That Feeds 8 People

Giant chicken rice at Sri Leung Pochana

Chicken rice is a dish loved by many. It’s simple, tasty, and cheap. So here’s a challenge for the ultimate chicken rice lovers: Sri Leung Pochana is a stall in Bangkok that serves a gigantic plate of chicken rice that weighs a whopping 3KG. Plus, if you eat it under an hour, you get it for free!

Giant Chicken Rice challenge

The rules are simple for the extreme foodies who would like to rise up to the challenge; all you need to do is finish 1 plate of giant chicken rice (฿588, ~USD18) within an hour on your own. If you can do it, you don’t need to pay for the dish. There will be a timer keeping track too, so no cheating.

Winners will get to take a photo with the owner and congratulatory plaque, which will be displayed on the wall of the restaurant for others to see.

This girl finished the giant dish in just 11:19 minutes!
Image credit: sri.yellow.m

After we heard about this giant chicken rice, we really wanted to see how big it was for ourselves. And trust me – it’s big. It seemed really tough for just 1 person to finish the dish on their own, no less 2-3 people.

Making up the plate is 2KG of rice and 1KG of your choice of chicken – steamed, grilled, or fried. Plus, you can choose the parts you want and can also opt to get sides like chicken blood. The chicken rice comes with a bowl of soup and some spicy special sauce, which helps add extra flavour to the dish. The rice is also not too dry or oily, and though we had some difficulty eating everything on our own, it was still a delicious experience.

We had to surrender after the owner told us that this dish can actually serve up to 8 people. That’s it – you’ll need a superpower to finish this on your own. I felt like I needed a wheelchair after my meal as it was hard to walk after that challenge!

Other dishes to try at Sri Leung Pochana

If your tummy has no space for the massive chicken rice, don’t worry. You can opt to get a regular-sized portion at ฿47, ~USD1.40. And for those keen on trying their grilled or fried chicken, we’d say come before 1pm as they normally run out after that time.

They also offer Braised Pork Noodles (฿47, ~USD1.40), which is another really popular dish, and veggie dishes like Sunflower Sprout with Oyster Sauce (฿40, ~USD1.20) and Chinese Kale with Oyster Sauce (฿40, ~USD1.20).

Apart from the chicken rice and other side dishes, the restaurant also serves up a couple of drinks like tea and coffee. Good choices to pair up with your meal are Iced Ceylon Tea (฿45, ~USD1.35), or Italian Soda (฿40, ~USD1.20).

Experience at Sri Leung Pochana

Our overall experience at the restaurant was good. The service staff and owner were very helpful and made us feel comfortable during our time there. She did mention that the restaurant gets really crowded during the lunch break, so it was great that we went down in the late afternoon and escaped the queues.

So if you’d like to have your face on their wall of fame for your chicken rice-eating superpowers, head down to Sri Leung Pochana to show off your talents. More importantly, you might just walk away with free chicken rice!

Sri Leung Phochana
Address: 43, Thanon Sutthisan Winitchai, Samsen Nai, Bangkok, 10400
Nearest Station: BTS Saphan Kwai
Telephone: +66 8 6326 8586
Opening Hours: 8AM – 5PM, Daily
Sri Leung Phochana website | Google Maps

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