Snake predicts lottery numbers 

According to Thai superstition, snakes and other not-so-fluffy creatures are said to bring wealth and good fortune; in fact, the Thai name for a monitor lizard is tua-ngun-tua-thong, which translates to “gold and silver being”. It’s also said that if you find animals in mysterious places, they’re trying to lead you to lottery numbers

Mr. Supakorn Sudpan from the southern province of Phatthalung proved that the notion may not be so farfetched after all yesterday. 

Literally “snaking” pipes 

On 31st January 2021, Mr. Sudpan called animal control due to a snake crawling across his porch and later slithering into his motorcycle – by the time the authorities arrived, the snake was deep in the bike’s front engine, reported Kom Chad Luek.

Snake predicts lottery numbersImage credit: Kom chad luek

The animal control team tried for 20 minutes to try to coax the snake out from the motorcycle’s pipes, before opting to use mosquito spray – an odour that is said to be intolerable for snakes –  to force the reptile out, reported Naewna. Eventually, the 7cm serpent slithered out and was later returned to nature by the animal control team. 

Snake predicts lottery numbersImage credit: Kom chad luek

Mr. Supakorn remarked that he is grateful to have met the snake, as they are said to bring good luck. He also mentioned that the reptile’s decision to slither straight into his motorcycle – which has the license plate number 1145 – was a sure sign that the serpent was sending him a message. On 1st February 2021, the one of the winning lottery numbers announced was indeed ‘145’.

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Screenshot: Udon-News

Benevolent serpent 

While snakes are often seen as scary – or even malevolent in some stories – creatures, not all of them are harmful. So, while it’s good to maintain your distance if you do not know whether a snake is poisonous or not, it’s also important to call the authorities who can help remove the snake in a humane manner.

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Featured images adapted from: Naewna

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