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Store Owner’s CCTV Catches Spooky Chair Moving On Its Own, Netizens Wonder If It’s A Hoax

Scary CCTV footage in Buriram

Locals believe in spirits and paranormal stuff all the time in Thailand, with all sorts of Thai ghosts and monsters around. This can definitely be hair-raising, like this recent story of a lady in Buriram who caught something spooky on her CCTV.

Curious case of the moving chair


Around midnight on 11th December 2020, Ms. Anong Yenprakhon, who owns a convenient shop in Buriram got spooked when she saw a chair in front of her shop mysteriously move on a recorded CCTV clip.

Image credit: Line Today

She then took the footage to a Thai investigations officer a few days later, as she felt suspicious and needed some clues to solve this mystery. 

Illustration of possible spirits moving the objects
Image credit: Line Today

To add more mystery to the case, she believed that it was the return of her grandfather’s and neighbour’s spirits. Before their recent passing a few months ago, they used to hang out at the table that was caught on the CCTV.

Image credit: Line Today

The officer played the footage and felt that it was almost as if he was watching a crime scene unfold.

In the video, the white chair could be seen suddenly appearing next to the table.  Not only that, but a small water container that was on the table disappeared into thin air as well, which gave the officer some spooks. 

Mystery almost solved

Dr. Odd, a chemistry professor at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science at Kasetsart University came on the show and analysed the footage for himself.  He then pointed out the fact that the video had an obvious slip.

Illustration of the footage slip
Image credit: Line Today

He points out that if you take a closer look at the two dots on the ground, one of them went missing when the chair moved and that it seemed like somebody stopped the recording and had edited the footage. 

From the looks of it, it clearly had a jumpcut – possibly even by a smart burglar with sneaky tech skills!

Some netizens jumped in with their own opinions too.


Netizen: Well, the spirits don’t wanna be a part of it.


Netizen: The server of the CCTV probably got a lag and the black dot relocated accordingly. 

Real or not?

Till today, nobody knows if the reason behind the CCTV footage was a spirit, burglar, or if it’s all a big hoax.

And whether it is moving objects or mysterious women in white walking around dark streets, these strange Thai ghost stories will keep the Halloween spirit alive no matter what time of the year. 

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Featured images adapted from: Sanook, Line Today

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