Thai rider turns detective after customer asks him to spy on her BF

Being a rider in Thailand can be pretty hard as you might have more than one job. We’ve heard that riders were often asked to do special tasks besides their main job. With a heart of service, some are willing to accept those extra tasks requested by customers. However, for this case, we believe it will surprise many readers.

The story we’ll be sharing today involves a Thai rider becoming a detective as a customer asked him to spy on her boyfriend’s car due to trust issues. One rider posted this on the ‘กูขับ Lineman‘ Facebook group, and the post became viral afterwards.

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Thai rider plays detective for his customer

Image credit: Jatuporn Dangsanga

On 10th September 2022, a rider posted a pic of his chat with a customer on a Facebook group sharing his story. He’d been asked to be a detective and spy on her boyfriend’s car – a task which he eventually accepted. He jokingly said in the post that nowadays riders can be everything for their customers, and being a detective is highly popular now, reported Matichon.

Once the post was shared thoroughly, many netizens came forward and left humorous comments on the post.

Some netizens shared similar experiences

Many FB users jokingly said they would use the service from the rider too.

Screenshot: Jatuporn Dangsanga

Translation: Second job. LOL

One user tagged a friend and said it was a second job.

Screenshot: Jatuporn Dangsanga

Translation: I experienced the same thing. A woman hired me to spy on her husband with a ฿1,000 pay, but I refused because I didn’t want to be in trouble later.

Another netizen came and shared that they had experienced something similar as a fellow rider, but had refused the offer to avoid getting in trouble.

Screenshot: Jatuporn Dangsanga

Translation: This is cool. I’ll require the service myself.

One user said she was interested in using the service from the rider.

Screenshot: Jatuporn Dangsanga

Translation: Tell the man to double pay you if he wanna live. LOL

Finally, this savvy netizen asked the OP to request for double pay from the boyfriend and then cover it up for him.

Second job for riders who need extra money

We definitely respect riders who go out of their way to help their customers. We also understand that sometimes we need to rely on someone for help, especially for important tasks – and some jobs are best completed by riders, and riders alone.

This story also proves that many riders are ready to help their customers even if it’s not officially a part of their job scope. It could even be a second job for riders to make extra money. *laughs in side hustle*

We hope the rider guy got a big tip from the woman, and we wish him all the best in his future deals.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): Matichon

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