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Covid-19 Vaccines In Thailand: How To Register For One & Get Your International Vaccine Passport

Covid-19 vaccination in Thailand

Thailand is fighting a daily battle against the rising number of Covid-19 cases and deaths. With vaccines in their arsenal, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) announced the mass vaccination timeline, registration instructions as well as information on how to get your international vaccine passport for travel.

Vaccination plans for Bangkok

Since the end of February 2021, Thailand has been giving vaccinations to medical personnel along with various other figures mainly involved in disease control. With May just around the corner, the administration is finally distributing Covid-19 shots to: chronic disease patients, elderly citizens, staff working in quarantine facilities, police officers, soldiers, public cleaners, and checkpoint officers at the Khlong Toei Pier.

On 28th April 2021, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration broadcasted information regarding the mass vaccination process as well as detailed instructions on how to register for the Covid-19 vaccine shots, which will be taking place in hospitals and department stores in Thailand, according to Sanook.

The current plan is for registration to begin on 1st May 2021 via the “Mor Prom V.2” LINE account and for vaccinations to commence from 7th June 2021 onwards. The general public – ages between 18 and 59 – will be able to sign up for inoculations starting from July, and be vaccinated come August.

vaccination timeline
Covid-19 vaccination timeline in Thailand
Image credit: หมอพร้อม

The steps to register for the Covid-19 shots are:

  1. Add “Mor Prom LINE official account V.2”
  2. Register by entering your identification number
  3. If the system already has your information, then enter your phone number and click save to continue. Otherwise, enter your personal information before clicking save. A message will notify your successful registration.
  4. Book an appointment for vaccination by choosing a date and time

Citizens will be able to choose their preferred vaccination site as well as register for family members via LINE – simply click the option to add others in “Edit Personal Information” before selecting the dates and times. Additionally, users can change vaccination appointments, stay informed on the situation with notifications, and do risk assessments before and after the vaccinations.

Other registration options include making an appointment directly with a hospital near your home or contacting the Village Health Volunteers (VHV) in the area.

After receiving two full doses, a document verifying your complete vaccination will be issued, as reported by Prachachart.

vaccines for expats
Image credit: NNT – National News Bureau Thailand

On Thursday 29th April 2021, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Deputy Spokesperson, Natapanu Nopakun stated on the CCSA daily briefing that foreigners living in Thailand can also register for a Covid-19 vaccination, and that further information will be released soon.

How to get an international vaccine passport

After the vaccination process, individuals will then be able to apply for an “International Vaccination Certificate” or a “Covid-19 vaccine passport”, which allows you to travel both domestically and internationally with less restrictions.

thai vaccine passport
Image credit: The Ministry of Public Health via Bangkok Post

As posted on the Facebook page @thaimoph, the application requires a certificate of vaccination from the vaccination centre, your passport, proof of travel such as plane tickets, and a fee of ฿50 (~USD1.60)

Places that accept applications include:

  1. Health Control Suvarnabhumi Airport – reservations required via telephone number +66-2-134-0134 or email [email protected]
  2. Travel Medicine Clinic in Nonthaburi – open from Monday to Friday at 8.30AM-3PM, contact for reservations via telephone number +66-2-590-3430 or email [email protected]
  3. Urban Institute for Disease Prevention and Control – open from Monday to Friday, contact via telephone number +66-2-521-0943-5

Since the “vaccine passport” programme is still relatively new, please stay tuned for further information.

Thailand builds up speed to beat Covid-19

Thailand is finally catching up with Covid-19 in the race with big scale vaccination processes ready to take place and a “vaccine passport” to help you cross international borders. We hope that the outbreak will soon die out as the community becomes immunized.

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Cover image adapted from Suvarnabhumi Airport and ไทยรู้สู้โควิด