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Police Cadet Cries After Receiving Letter From Girlfriend, Melts Fellow Campmates’ Hearts

Cadet misses his girlfriend in camp 

Police and military training isn’t just physically tough, but also mentally. During this time, cadets are not able to conveniently communicate with their loved ones, be it family members or girlfriends, as their hand phones are often stored away. 

So people often choose to send their messages the good ol’ way: letters.

On Saturday, Suriyothai Police Training Camp, a training camp in Thailand’s Pattani province, posted a video of a young police cadet named Tim reading a letter from his girlfriend. While doing so, he began tearing in front of his unit, with ended up melting everyone’s hearts. 

Girlfriend’s letter brought many to tears

While some of his friends giggled as Tim was reading the letter, many got carried away with their emotions and started crying along with him as well. We reckon those who were must have been thinking about their loved ones in that moment. 

In her letter, Tim’s girlfriend wrote about her determination to wait for Tim to finish his training. She also repeated how much she missed him, before ending the letter with a classic “I love you.” 

After reading, Tim left her message for his girlfriend on the cameras, telling her that he would be returning soon. 

Netizens share the power of love online

Young love is a relatable subject to many, so it doesn’t surprise us that many netizens had lots of sympathy towards Tim and his girlfriend. To date, the video has racked up over 12,000 shares. 

Thai police cadet cries receiving girlfriend letter

Translation: No one is always strong when it comes to love. May love guide you to be a better person. This is so cute.

Thai police cadet cries receiving girlfriend letter

Translation: So cute, I even cried along. I wish for you to have a long-lasting love and always remember what’s written in the letter.

Anne Thongprasom, a famous Thai actress and TV producer, commented on an Instagram post about the video too. She mentioned that it was packed with emotions, and that it’s hard to replicate that in a drama scene on-screen.

Thai police cadet cries receiving girlfriend letter Ann

Translation: This video is funny and heartwarming, I wouldn’t be able to produce a scene this cute. I’m rooting for you.
Images adapted from: @annethong, Sanook

Love conquers all

Not only does this story touch our hearts, but it also reminds us that those who seem to be strong on the outside have hearts full of emotions just like us on the inside too. Everyone needs emotional support every once in awhile, so always be kind and supportive!

Cover image adapted from: Police Training Camp Suriyothai – Pattani