Fried dough sticks at Pa Tong Go Savoey

Yaowarat Road has a million dishes for you to try, from fishball noodles to stuffed bread sandwiches. For the true-blue foodies who are on the hunt for more street-side snacks to munch on, head over to Pa Tong Go Savoey for some Thai Fried Dough Sticks.

Pa Tong Go Savoey cover

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Michelin-featured Thai dough sticks

Thai fried dough stick

Pa Tong Go Savoey is a food cart that serves patonggo, a Thai version of the you tiao (Chinese fried dough sticks) – or like a churro of sorts! 

Patonggo is traditionally available to have for breakfast along with some rice congee and hot soy milk. However, it’s become increasingly popular over the years and is commonly eaten as a snack at all times of the day, and is served with different dips. 

the owner of Pa Tong Go Savoey

Owner Mr. Thanakorn Charoenpimolkul is currently a third generation member running his family’s business, and makes the fried dough sticks by himself everyday. Customers can watch him preparing the patonggo while waiting in line.

The dough sticks are available in 2 sets:

  • Small (4 pairs with dipping sauce) – ฿40
  • Big (8 pairs with dipping sauce) – ฿80 
  • Extra: ฿20 for 3 pairs

Pa Tong Go Savoey The oil is changed twice a day here and they never use old, dark oil when frying

We watched Mr. Thanakorn prepare the dough, cutting it into pieces and frying them in hot oil. Within minutes, perfectly golden-brown dough sticks were ready to be served. 

We had our patonggo with some pandan coconut dipping sauce. The dip was really creamy and wasn’t overly sweet. It had a fragrant scent from the pandan leaves and the sauce coated the dough sticks evenly without being too goopy and thick.

patongto with dipping sauce

As for the dough fritters, eating it hot and fresh is the way to go. Plus, the smell of the flour and yeast makes it extra appetising. I liked how it was fried just right and didn’t result in being overly crunchy. The dough also retained a nice chewy texture on the inside. It was almost “spongy”, which makes it stand out from other fried dough sticks I’ve tried elsewhere. 

green pandan dipping sauceThe stall also offers a sweet condensed milk dip for your dough sticks 

Plus, you can always pop by the nearby convenience store to get some soy milk or tea to go with your snack! 

Pa Tong Go Savoey has been around for 46 years 

Pa Tong Go Savoey at yaowarat

The stall was formerly known as “Pa Tong Go To Rung”, and they originally only served patonggo as a breakfast food. Due to its former location at Banglamphu – which is an area by the old palace – many people from the palace visited the stall for their food.

This led to the shop renaming itself to “Pa Tong Go Savoey”. Savoey is borrowed from the Thai royal language, meaning “to eat”. 

Thai patonggo at yaowarat

Pa Tong Go Savoey is open from 6pm to 10am, so head on a little before it opens to be one of the first few in line. And don’t worry, the queue moved really quickly, so you’ll get your fresh and crispy patonggo in no time.

Pa Tong Go Savoey
Address: Songsawat Road, Yaowarat, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100
Opening Hours:
6PM – 10PM (Closed on Monday)
Nearest Train Station: Watmangkorn MRT Station (Exit 1)
Telephone: +66 95 591 5651
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