Nature resorts in Chiang Mai, Nan, and Chonburi

Soaking in a tub surrounded by beautiful views of the nearby mountains sounds like a dream, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be reality. These hotels and resorts in Thailand have the most stunning outdoor bathtubs and balconies with 10/10 sceneries right in your backyard.

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1. Kew Muang Mountain High Camp, Nan

As its name suggests, Kew Muang Mountain High Camp is another fantastic option that’ll have you chillin up high amid the rolling hills of Nan.

Room types here include Normal Camp with prices starting at ฿4,500 (~USD135)/night and Camp Honeymoon that costs around ฿5,500 (~USD165)/night. Both room types come equipped with a private balcony, net bed, bell tent for sightseeing, and an outdoor tub.

Kew Muang Mountain High Camp, Nan
Doesn’t get more romantic than this
Image credit: @paigunna

Depending on the weather, you may be surrounded by fluffy clouds, starry skies, or a sea of mist – all enjoyable right from your bathtub. If you’re here with your boo, you can have a romantic candlelit bath with the stars come nightfall too.

Kew Muang Mountain High Camp, Nan
Images adapted from: Kew Muang Mountain High Camp กิ่วม่วง เมาน์เทนไฮ แคมป์, @paigunna, and U me go แบบนี้ต้องไปจัด

The prices are inclusive of breakfast, afternoon tea, and dinner. Plus, you’ll also get a coffee drip set and shower items to make sure you’ve got a foamy bath ready.

As of September 2021, all of their rooms are booked for the rest of the year. So, if you’re keen to head over to Mew Muang Mountain High Camp, we’d recommend booking your trip far in advance.

Kew Muang Mountain High Camp
Address: 124 Moo 6, Baan Kew Muang, Du Phong, Santi Suk, Nan
LINE Bookings: @campkewmuang
Kew Muang Mountain High Camp’s Facebook page | Instagram

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2. Lan Na Wild, Chiang Mai

Lan Na Wild, Chiang Mai
Me and You, Just Us Two room (starting at ฿5,500 (~USD165)/night/2 persons)
Image credit: ไปกันนะ : Pai Gun Na

With Chiang Mai’s forests having chilly weather all year round, Lan Na Wild is an excellent place to enjoy the winter vibes up north.

Besides your usual bathtub, this lush resort lets you take a dip in an onsen tub – now that’s what I call a getaway.

Lan Na Wild, Chiang Mai
The styles of tubs are different in each room
Images adapted from: @nuttamonly, @aeii_sucharnat, and ไปกันนะ : Pai Gun Na

The rooms here are reminiscent of Balinese resorts and are separated from each other, providing guests with the utmost privacy.

There are 9 rooms in total with prices starting from ฿2,000 (~USD60)/night.

Lan Na Wild, Chiang Mai
Onsen Tree Tent (starting from ฿4,500 (~USD135)/night) and their 2-storey Secret Onsen Villa (starting from ฿5,500/night)
Images adapted from: ไปกันนะ : Pai Gun Na and @landingtwo

After enjoying the onsen, you can check out the popular cafes nearby to enjoy some coffee and desserts. 

Lan Na Wild
Address: Huai Kaeo, Mae On, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Lan Na Wild’s Facebook page | Instagram

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3. Nan De Panna, Nan

Nan De Panna, Nan
Enjoy the river views on a net bed in your very own private balcony
Image credit: Gamm Supawan

Nan De Panna is just a 15-minute drive from Nan airport. There are three rooms on offer, and each comes with a private balcony, net bed, and outdoor tub with a view. 

Nan De Panna, NanDifferent styles of tubs to choose from
Images adapted from: @paigunna and Minimint Rodsomboon

The resort is located right by the Nan River, so visitors can join water activities like canoeing or chill on a floating raft for something a little more relaxing. 

Nan De Panna, Nan
Images adapted from: @sweet_dreamy, @ay.aey, and @nandepanna 

Room rates depend on the seasons, with prices starting from ฿2,500 (~USD75)/night. Breakfast, afternoon tea sets, and dinner are included. 

Nan De Panna
Address: 34 Moo 10 Mueang Chang, Phu Phiang, Nan
Telephone: +66 9 0994 3669
Nan De Panna’s Facebook page |

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4. North Star Valley, Chiang Mai

north star valley
Image credit: Kreangkrai Voy Angkunchai

North Star Valley in Chiang Mai lets you stay in a transparent bubble tent with full 360-degree views of the lush forests in the day and starry sky at night.

North Star Valley, Chiang MaiImages adapted from: ไปกันนะ : Pai Gun Na

Besides its unique rooms, guests will also get outdoor restrooms and bathtubs. Not to worry about privacy – a bamboo fence is set all around the area for privacy so that you can relax with 0 worries.

North Star ValleyImage credit: Oilly Thidarat Saksayamkul

There are 11 rooms available here at the following prices:

  • ฿3,500 (~USD105)/night – 2 people including breakfast
  • ฿3,990 (~USD120)/night – 2 people including breakfast, a bathtub, and water heater

If you’re heading over for a special occasion, don’t hesitate to book room No. 11 ฿8,990 (~USD250) which has the most beautiful views.

Read more about bubble hotels in Thailand here:

North Star Valley
Address: 77/9 Moo 1, Pong Yang Nai Soi 6, Pon Yang Nai, Mea Rim, Chiang Mai
Telephone: +66 8 0565 1111
North Star Valley’s Facebook page | Instagram 

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5. Boklua River Hills, Nan

Boklua River Hills, Nan
Images adapted from: @paigunna and TravelHolic ชีวิตติดเที่ยว

Boklua River Hills aims to offer guests a cozy experience, making them feel just like they’re at home. Their accommodations are set in little straw houses with paddy field and mountain views.

Before relaxing with your private tub, all visitors will be welcomed with a foot spa, drinks, and a warm greeting from four doggo receptionists. 

Boklua River Hills, Nan
Image credit: ไปกันนะ : Pai Gun Na

Each room comes with different tub styles. Those in bigger room can opt for their room with a private pool for extra fun.

Boklua River Hills, NanImages adapted from: ไปกันนะ : Pai Gun Na

The price depends on each travel period. You can contact them for more details on Facebook

Boklua River Hills
Address: 68 Moo 7, Baan Swar Tai, Dong Phaya, Bo Kluea, Nan, Thailand.
Telephone: +66 6 1196 3665
Boklua River Hills’ Facebook page |

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6. Dhammada Homestay, Chiang Mai

Dhammada Homestay, Chiang MaiImage credit: ตามติดชีวิตผีบ้า

Dhammada Homestay offers four private houses located high up on a hill. With no wifi and phone signal, the place is the perfect destination for a social media detox. 

The two houses with outdoor bathtubs costs around ฿2,200-฿2,800 (~USD65-85)/night depending on seasons. 

Dhammada Homestay, Chiang Mai
Image credit: @jahiib_pharmacistravel

There is a wooden wall providing you a private space while still giving you a perfect view of the surrounding mountains.

Dhammada Homestay, Chiang Mai
Images adapted from: ตามติดชีวิตผีบ้า and Pakamon Sinsuk

After a rainy day, you will wake up with a sea of fog at your front door. For food, don’t hesitate to order Moo Krata set for ฿350 (~USD10) to enjoy grilled meat and shabu shabu with a bird’s eye view of the area. 

Dhammada Homestay
Address: Near Mon Ngo Royal Project Foundation, Mueang Kai, Mae Taeng District, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Telephone: +66 6 1142 5665
Dhammada Homestay’s Facebook page |

7. The River Flows Camp, Chiang Mai

The River Flows Camp, Chiang Mai
Image credit: ตามติดชีวิตผีบ้า

The River Flows Camp allows travellers to immerse themselves in nature just as if you were staying in the tropical island of Bali. Each room not only offers you an outdoor tub, but also a private pool perfect for a group of friends or families. 

The River Flows Camp, Chiang Mai
Image credit: @jom_nicha

The view of Mae Taeng River can be seen right from your private balcony. In the morning, you will see elephants walking and showering in the river too. Different adventure activities are available for free, like cycling, water rafting, ATV driving, and ziplining. 

The River Flows Camp, Chiang MaiImage credit: The River Flows Camp เดอะ ริเวอร์ โฟลส์ แคมป์ กื้ดช้าง

The rates are as follows:

  • Baan Jik Nam (฿10,000 (~USD300)/night/4 people) – 2 bedrooms, 2 toilets, private pool, and jacuzzi
  • Baan Tom Koi (฿15,000(~USD450)/night/6 people) – 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets, private pool, and jacuzzi

*Prices are inclusive of breakfast, dinner, and activities

The River Flows Camp
Address: 140 Moo 1, Kuet Chang, Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Telephone: +66 8 9441 6365
The River Flows Camp’s website
| Facebook pageInstagram

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8. Srinaman, Nan

Srinaman, Nan
Image credit: Srinaman

At Srinaman, you will wake up to beautiful green paddy fields – definitely not something a typical day in big cities like BKK can offer.

Srinaman, Nan
Images credit: ไปกันมันสองคน

All rooms have a tub in different styles, and guests can opt for a room with a private pool to enjoy with friends. Room rates might vary depending each travel season, starting from ฿3,990 (~USD120) to ฿6,500 (~USD195).

Srinaman, Nan
Images adapted from: Srinaman and ไปกันมันสองคน

The prices include breakfast, a traditional Northern dinner, afternoon tea set, and shower products to use in your outdoor tub; customers can also ask for decorative lights in the rooms. That’ll be a cute touch for couples here on a romantic getaway.

Address: Srinaman Pong Suntisuk, Nan
Telephone: +66 8 0313 0988
LINE Booking: @srinaman
Srinaman’s Facebook page |

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9. Vangvela – The Timeless, Chonburi

Vangvela - The Timeless, Chonburi
Images adapted from: @ispa_global, Chillpainai, and @sirikaimook

If forests aren’t really up your alley and you’re yearning to go on a beach getaway, then head straight to Vangvela – The Timeless for some vitamin sea. 

Vangvela offers two rooms with a balcony stretching to the sea. There is a jacuzzi tub together with bean bags allowing you to sit back and relax to the sound of the waves. 

Both the exterior and interior of this beach resort follow a minimal approach, feeling more like a cosy AirBnB rather than a fancy hotel.

Vangvela - The Timeless, Chonburi
Image credit: @bathroomdesign_ispa

The rooms cost ฿4,600 (~USD140)/night/2 persons from Monday to Thursday and ฿5,200 (~USD155)/night/2 persons from Friday to Sunday

The price is inclusive of a shuttle boat service, breakfast, welcome set, and minibar. 

Vangvela is located in Koh Larn in Pattaya which takes around 2 hours from the city centre. 

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Vangvela – The Timeless
Address: Koh Larn, Pattaya, Bang Lamung, Chonburi, Thailand.
Telephone: +66 9 7259 5251
Vangvela – The Timeless’ Facebook page |

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10. CAMP Ta-Torn-Yorn, Chiang Mai

CAMP Ta-Torn-Yorn, Chiang Mai
Image credit: @the_naii_twelve

CAMP Ta-Torn-Yorn is the answer for those in need of a peaceful cabin in the woods moment.

Two types of accommodation are available: a white bohemian bell tent (Mon-Thus ฿800 (~USD24) | Fri-Sun ฿1,000 (~USD30) and villa (Mon-Thus ฿2,800 (~USD85) | Fri-Sun ฿3,000 (~USD90).

CAMP Ta-Torn-Yorn, Chiang Mai
Image credit: ตามติดชีวิตผีบ้า

Opt for the villa if you want to chill in your outdoor tub with a green view. You can make the choice between a vintage bathtub or a jacuzzi for the same price, so inform staff when booking.

CAMP Ta-Torn-Yorn, Chiang Mai
Each villa has a rustic wooden interior
Image credit: ตามติดชีวิตผีบ้า

Guests can spend their evenings at the nearby tiki bar and enjoy dinner under pretty fairy lights. 

Make a reservation or find more information on Facebook

CAMP Ta-Torn-Yorn Chiangmai
Address: 88/9 Moo 2, Tambol, Ban Sa Ha Khon, Mae On District, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Telephone: +66 9 3137 5969
CAMP Ta-Torn-Yorn Chiang Mai’s Facebook page | Instagram

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Enjoy the outdoors at these Thai resorts

With 2020 and 2021 being such tough years for so many of us, it’s only right to treat ourselves to a relaxing vacay. And no better way than to skip the public jacuzzis and head straight for your very own private tub with top notch views.

So take a good break this new year and book a stay at one of these resorts for the ultimate escape.

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Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Left): Kew Muang Mountain High Camp กิ่วม่วง เมาน์เทนไฮ แคมป์, ไปกันนะ : Pai Gun Na, TravelHolic ชีวิตติดเที่ยว

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