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Thai Woman Accidentally Orders World’s Tiniest Skateboard Online, Fits Only 2 Of Her Toes

Surf skate order goes wrong

Whether you’re a newbie or an online shopping veteran, you’re bound to get a few off-orders here and there. Yet, it’s not so often that an error would lead to your face appearing on countless screens the next day.

Two weeks ago, owner of the Facebook page Wang Eng shared a funny story about her surfskate order that went wrong. In addition to gaining many laugh reacts from her 80k+ followers, her story landed on several media outlets nationwide, including major news source Channel 3.

An online shopping mishap

It’s a classic online shopping mistake: when the product isn’t the size you’d expect it to be. The product description states the skate to be a second hand toy – beyond the picture – with a jaw-dropping price of about ฿3,000 (~USD98). So excited to be part of the hype, the owner of the page decided to purchase the uber cool surf skate online.

Surfskate item shopping page and disappointed woman
Image credit: ว่างเอ๊ง

Wang Eng’s facebook post features a collage of the item’s shopping page, the woman’s disappointed face, and herself posing atop the practically-nonexistent skate.

Netizens react to miniscule skateboard

This is where Thailand’s sabai sabai culture really comes into play: while the author did indeed receive a miniscule surfskate instead of the full-sized one she expected, she also posted a comment about how she does not consider the incident ‘scam’ per se, but rather a funny joke.

Wang Eng's joke correction
Screenshot: ว่างเอ๊ง

Translation: This is just a muk pan or boba shake, translated asgag” in English, everyone.

However, her indifference and effort to try to make it work seemed to make the whole thing all okay and hilarious – so much so that netizen after netizen decided to join the laughter.

Netizen's response to surfskate mishap
Screenshot: ว่างเอ๊ง

Translation: I don’t like boba shake. Can I have green tea shake instead?

Netizen's response to surfskate mishap 2
Screenshot: ว่างเอ๊ง

Translation: A size this big, be careful you don’t fall and hit your head.

So, rest easy. At the end of the day, it’s just another happy story here to put a smile on your face.

Behind the scenes of Wang Eng

Wang Eng is a female comedian who seeded out of TikTok onto other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. She calls herself a ‘content creator’ and uploads relatable rib-tickling media every week that lead to her to keep a close-knit vibe with her fans.

Wang Eng Tiktok
Screenshot: @wangenggg

Her post regarding her surfskate debacle has reached almost 10,000 shares, according to TrueID.

Tumbling down the stairs

Nevertheless, make sure you are conscious every step of the way the next time you’re making a purchase online; else you’ll realize when you’re in an awkward position down at the bottom of the stairs.

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Cover image adapted from: ว่างเอ๊ง

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