ONE SAKAD is a modern homestay in the jungle

Even though Thailand’s summer season is supposed to be waning, we still feel the prickly heat and humidity clinging to our bodies whenever we go outdoors. The solution? Camping out on the internet to find a private villa to escape this weather.

Enter ONE SAKAD. A hidden modern homestay in Nan that’s bordered by plantations with an inviting balcony to catch panoramic views of Doi Phu Kha.

Here’s what else to expect at the homestay with a cooler climate thanks to nature all around it.

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A hidden homestay in the dense jungles of Nan

Image credit: เบื่องาน

Situated in a thick jungle, ONE SAKAD creates a soothing environment to refresh your cluttered mind.

Without many exterior design elements, the house touts a minimalist design aesthetic. However, the inside offers a large modern loft living room along with a brown-hued dinner table and a grey Burrow Nomad couch.

Image credit: ONE SAKAD

And as it’s located high up on stilts, the balcony overlooks the jungle, letting you catch a view of the sunrise over Doi Phu Kha at the crack of dawn.

Image credit: เบื่องาน

In the vicinity of the lodge, we also found some small communities where you might be keen to explore and meet the friendly locals for a casual chat about their lifestyles.

Next, we’ll show you around the room to see what your sleeping area will look like.

Glass rooms with a 180° views of the mountain

Image credit: ONE SAKAD

Having a look inside, we love that the room offers a 180° panoramic view of the mountains from this king-sized bed.

Image credit: @dj_tackthai

In the evenings, the room will impress you with its royal golden glow on all sides of the bed. An unexpected romantic ambience in the middle of Nan’s forests.

Image credit: ONE SAKAD

This living room’s homely feel is thanks to the wide couch, bright yellow stool over a modern carpet, and artsy picture hung on the wall. Towards the balcony, there are door panels that we can leave open to have cool air flowing into the room.

In the mornings, spend your time chilling in this vast living room together with your partner to enjoy the view before heading out for a walk in the woods.

Image credit: เบื่องาน

If hiking along jungle trails isn’t what entertains you, you might wanna soak in this outdoor bathtub to bask in nature amidst the glorious mountain’s mist.

While planning a trip to Nan, we’d suggest you consider this place for a week getaway. The price starts at ฿4,990 (~USD151)/night, including breakfast and dinner served in bed. Additionally, the room can accommodate up to four people, recommended for a family trip.

Getting to ONE SAKAD

We love that ONE SAKAD is a spacious private accommodation that is apt for a family stay. For those who are looking for a getaway from heat to somewhere fresh and green, this lodge located in a lush jungle will help you disconnect from the outside world.

The homestay is located approximately 1.5 hours away from the city of Nan. I’d recommend you rent a car — if you come as a family — and plan a road trip to enjoy the scenic views till you reach.

Address: 10400 One Sakad Haus Sakat, Pua District, Nan 55120
Telephone: +66 9 5702 8000
ONE SAKAD’s Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): เบื่องานONE SAKAD, เบื่องาน

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