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Monkey In Thailand Has To Undergo Weight Loss Programme, Is “Unnaturally” Obese

Fat monkey in Thailand

There are a number of families in Thailand that keep monkeys as pets – their intelligence and proximity to the human species seem to be what draws people to adopt them. 

Such was the case for Godzilla, a 3-year-old Macaque that was adopted by a Thai family but later taken away by wildlife authorities. 

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Overweight monkey in Thailand

Godzilla was taken away from his owner, Mr. Manop Emsan at Minburi Market by authorities on 25th March 2021. The reason being that Godzilla, who weighs 20 kilograms, is double the healthy weight for a Macaque – 8-10 kg – and therefore must go to a weight rehabilitation camp.

Monkey In Thailand Must Undergo Weight Loss Program Due To 'Unnatural' Obesity
Image credit: Express Informer

“The monkey was critically obese and needed to be on a diet as soon as possible”, said Mr. Phuwanak Krumnoi, one of the wildlife officials, reported Khaosod English

Uncle fatty, another obese case

This isn’t the first time a monkey has had to undergo mandatory weight rehabilitation. Back in 2017, a monkey named “Uncle Fatty” went viral for being extremely overweight due to locals overfeeding him – his story acts as a cautionary tale. 

Monkey In Thailand Must Undergo Weight Loss Program Due To 'Unnatural' Obesity Image credit: Express Informer

He was found wandering around Bang Khun Tien Market and weighed around 27 kg. The officials noticed his presence and also came to take him away to monitor his health according to the Nation Thailand

Monkey In Thailand Must Undergo Weight Loss Program Due To 'Unnatural' Obesity Uncle Fatty does have a big appetite like Tatooine’s crime lord, Jabba the Hutt
Image credit: Spikey Bits (Left), Teak Door (Right)

Don’t feed wildlife

Feeding wildlife can be detrimental to them, because they will forget their wild instincts and start depending on passersby to feed them. It’s also dangerous for other citizens as well, because they can become aggressive when demanding food from others.

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Cover images adapted from: Express Informer (Both images)

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