Nong Nooch Dinosaur Valley In Pattaya

When Jurassic Park first came out, it made our imaginations run wild with dinosaurs roaming the Earth today. But the suspense of disbelief kicks in once you remember that it’s just CGI and miming.

If you’ve wondered how it feels to be right next to a T-Rex, Nong Nooch Dinosaur Valley has numerous species of dinosaur sculptures to get up close for photos.

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Life-like dinosaur sculptures

DinoValley egg
Image credit: @flcnvy

You may have noticed that some of these sculptures are also in the neighbouring Nong Nooch Botanical Garden.

The park’s late owner, Mr. Kampol Tansajja, noticed that the visitors liked taking photos with dino sculptures, so he decided to give them a proper home, thus Dinosaur Valley.

DinoValley megalosaurus
The Megalosaurus was the world’s first dinosaur species found
Image credit: @dinosaur.nongnooch

Mr. Tansajja made sure the life-sized stucco sculptures were accurate to current findings.

DinoValley t-rex
Image credit: @sesi_savino

DinoValley sauroposeidon
The Sauroposeidon was the arguably the world’s largest dinosaur
Image credit: @wiisaaa

In fact, visitors will find themselves standing right next to life-sized dinosaurs because they were made to actual sizes. So if you stumble upon a T-Rex, it has a jaw wider than a hammock.

DinoValley t-rex 2
Image credit: @yaipar

They’ve also added dinosaur sounds for extra measure. But thankfully, they’re all harmless sculptures and aren’t camera shy.

He wanted his park to be a learning center for children, and they say there are more than 40 species in the park, some of which have yet to be sculpted elsewhere. 

DinoValley dino mouth
Image credit: @junggo_lim 

Visitors can get really close to these sculptures for some thrilling photo-ops .

Walking with dinosaurs

Nong Nooch Dinosaur Valley is a park that fascinates both the young and young at heart.

It is conveniently located across the beautiful Botanical Gardens. Plan at least a full day or two if you want to see both parks.

Nong Nooch Dinosaur Valley
Address: Na Chom Thian, Sattahip District, Chonburi 20250
Opening Hours: 8:00AM-6:00PM

Cover image adapted from: @flcnvy, @yanisanui, and @wiisaaa


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