Total cases in Thailand now up to 40

Covid-19 Thai Kid
Images adapted from: DonMueangDistrictOffice

The COVID-19 virus continues to spread across the world and Thailand is taking stricter measures against travellers coming in from affected countries.

This week, an 8-year-old student from Phra Haruthai Convent School in Bangkok’s Don Mueang District, was found to be infected with the virus. It is suspected that the child caught it from 2 family members who had just come back from Japan.

The school has since declared a school closure in order to keep the virus from spreading to others and to keep the situation controlled.

The school area was sprayed with disinfectants

Covid-19 Thai Kid
Image credit: DonMueangDistrictOffice

On Wednesday, officers from Don Mueang District Office arrived at the school to carry out a widespread disinfecting of the compounds to wipe out all potential traces of the virus. They also requested for the staff to continue carrying out regular cleaning of the area during the 14-day closure.

Covid-19 Thai Kid
Image credit: DonMueangDistrictOffice

The school will be officially closed from 26th February 2020 to 9th March 2020 as 36 students, 16 teachers, and 3 staff members are at risk of catching the virus. 

Covid-19 Thai Kid
Officers cleaning the classrooms
Image credit: DonMueangDistrictOffice

Things to do after travelling during COVID-19 outbreak

COVID-19 can be present without any symptoms for up to 14 days, so it’s important for us to take the necessary measures in order to keep ourselves and the people around us safe. And if we have recently travelled to any affected areas, here are some things we can do on top of implementing a self-quarantine period.

Covid-19 Thai Kid
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กรมควบคุมโรค กระทรวงสาธารณสุข

  1. Stay at home and limit the amount of guests
  2. Always wear a mask.
  3. Always close the toilet lid after use
  4. Use a napkin when coughing or sneezing.
  5. Wash your hands 
  6. Open windows for air ventilation.
  7. Avoid sharing meals with others, use a serving spoon when necessary
  8. Always wash dishes with dishwashing liquid
  9. Keep an appropriate distance from others if possible
  10. Avoid using crowded public transportation services when heading out

For more information, you can visit the Department of Disease Control.

Stay safe, everyone!

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