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Nai Mong Hoi Thod Has Bib Gourmand Oyster Omelettes Near MRT Wat Mangkon Starting ฿100

Nai Mong Hoi Thod: oyster omelettes in Yaowarat

Oyster omelettes are easy to cook, but hard to master. Nai Mong Hoi Thod is a street food stall minutes away from MRT Wat Mangkon that can get you eggs that’ll crunch like they’re potato chips.

Here’s their award-winning dish and where you can find it.

Award-winning oyster omelettes

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Much like their 100-year-old competitor, Nai Mong Hoi Thod makes sure to pick big, filling pieces of oysters and mussels for their customers. Their mussels and oysters are always fresh because they always get sold out daily. 

That freshness has won them many accolades. These include the Bib Gourmand and Shell Shuan Shim which is the local stamp of approval. 

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Their most popular dish is the crispy oyster omelettes, called orluo in Thai. The oysters and batter are fried on a cast-iron skillet over a charcoal fire. The very high heat gives it both a very crispy crunch and a smoky flavour.

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But for those who want a softer, creamier version, you can also get the orsuan, which is the soft version of the dish.

Get some crab fried rice while waiting

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Despite the stall being very popular, there is only one charcoal-fire stove. This means that waiting times for your omelette can be quite long. 

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Luckily, you can order their delicious and quick crab fried rice to snack on. 

The wait will be worth it since the charcoal gives the food a very unique fragrance. 

Taste local favourite Nai Mong Hoi Thod’s omelettes

Yaowarat is home to some of the best old-school street food stalls in Thailand, and Nai Mong Hoi Thod is one of its best. Throughout the years, they have maintained their humble origins despite being recognized internationally for their great food.

Definitely put this on your itinerary if you’re visiting Yaowarat.

Nai Mong Hoi Thod
Address: 539 Phlap Phla Chai Rd, Pom Prap, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok 10100
Opening hours:
Wed-Sun 10am-7pm (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)
+66 8 9773 3133 | Nai Mong Hoi Thod’s Facebook | Google Maps

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Cover image adapted from: @3.sis.diary and @patrick_0923