Mori Natural Farm in Thailand

Due to the global pandemic, a lot of countries have closed their borders and put a ban on foreign travellers. This has prompted many of my friends, left and right, to give up their vacation trips overseas this year.

Luckily, I’ve come across the perfect alternative holiday spot for folks who love Japan – with it located just in the north of Thailand, you wouldn’t even need to leave the country! 

Japanese-style farmhouse

Mori Natural FarmImage credit: @mookulika

Mori Natural Farm is a farm stay in Chiang Mai with the ultimate Japanese vibes, from a lush and flowery landscape to a ryokan-style building to stay in. 

Mori Natural FarmImage credit: Mori Natural Farm

Once here, you’ll be surrounded by kilometres of flower plantations and mountains, which leave you in zen and give you peace of mind throughout your stay.

Besides majestic natural surroundings, there’s also Chiang Mai’s chilly weather that will make you forget about the sticky hot weather in the city.

Image credit: Have A Good Trip

You can also pick up fresh strawberries in the morning and have them for breakfast! Did we mention they’re organic?  

Mori Natural FarmImage credit: Mori Natural Farm

Here, you’ll also get to meet 2 huge fluffy doggos that belong to the owners. These furry friends will accompany you throughout your stay – this is every dog lover’s dream!

Mookata with the view

Mori Natural FarmImage credit: @ilina_x97

If it’s a bit cold out, warm yourself up with a mookata set for ฿400 (~USD13) and enjoy the mountain view from the modern-looking grass house. 

Sleep in a ryokan

Mori Natural FarmImage credit: Have A Good Trip

Get a good night’s sleep at a traditional-Japanese-inspired room from ฿5,000 (~USD160) per night. From light wooden walls to bright natural light, you’ll feel like sleeping at an inn in Kyoto.

Mori Natural FarmImage credit: ดีtell

The room also comes with breakfast sets packed organic and home-grown ingredients.

Mori Natural FarmImage credit: Have A Good Trip

Even the bathroom looks super oriental with a touch of minimalistic style. 

Mori Natural FarmImage credit: @sweet_dreamy

Imagine walking around the flower plantation, picking some fresh strawberries, and stay a night or two in a ryokan this winter – how fin*!

Thai tip: *Fin is a Thai slang that means extra good. For example, “this cake is super fin” means that the cake is extra delicious. 

Mori Natural Farm
Address: 88/9 Baan Muangkham, Pong Yaeng, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai 50180
Telephone: +66 8 1787 8595
Mori Natural Farm website | Google Maps

Attractions in Chiang Mai:

Cover image adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): @mookulika, Have A Good Trip, Mori Natural Farm

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