Old monkey enjoys eating rice noodle salad

Some say humans may have evolved from apes, and that both species share certain characteristics and behaviors.

As evidenced in a viral TikTok video recently, a little monkey was spotted searching plastic bags on pickup truck, which lends credence to the above statement.

If you’re still not sure on whether this thesis is true, here’s another video of an old monkey found enjoying a human’s dish during his lunch.

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Old monkey having lunch goes viral on TikTok

A TikTok video showing an old monkey enjoying his lunch was circulated across social media in Thailand.

น้องบูพาแซ่บ🐵😏นานๆทีกิน#อย่าดราม่า #อย่าปิดการมองเห็นหนู #fypシ #ลิงเฒ่า🐒 #ขึ้นฟีดเถอะ

น้องบูพาแซ่บ🐵😏นานๆทีกิน#อย่าดราม่า #อย่าปิดการมองเห็นหนู #fypシ #ลิงเฒ่า🐒 #ขึ้นฟีดเถอะ

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In the clip uploaded on 24th April 2022, one monkey is seen munching on a rice noodle salad that the TikToker had bought for his lunch.

monkey eats rice noodle salad
Screenshot: @Pimpisa_nt

Seems to us that this monkey did enjoy his meal as he happily pigged out on his favorite dish without even pausing to have a glass of water.

Following some netizens’ comments showing their concerns if the monkey was going to have diarrhea after his lunch, the TikToker shared that this monkey occasionally eats this snack, and the dish wasn’t as spicy as the normal one.

Monkey advised to practice proper hygiene before & after meal

Once the clip became viral, garnering over 237K likes, many netizens shared their opinions on the video.

Screenshot: @Pimpisa_nt

Translation: Cutie, don’t forget to wash your hands after lunch. LOVE

One netizen warned the monkey to wash his hands after finishing his meal.

Screenshot: @Pimpisa_nt

Translation: Wash hands before rubbing your eyes. LOL

Another netizen also warned the monkey to wash his hands.

Screenshot: @Pimpisa_nt

Translation: Why didn’t you find him a spoon to eat soup? LOL

Glossing over netizens’ concern over the monkey’s health, one viewer jokingly suggested that the OP should have helped to find the monkey a spoon so that he could eat the soup.

Hope the monkey enjoyed its meal

These viral stories could contribute to evidence that monkeys do exhibit behavioral parallels to their human counterparts. It’s indeed an interesting theory to consider.

Anyway, we hope that the monkey enjoyed its dish, and is still healthy after the meal.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @Pimpisa_nt

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