Monitor lizard tries to escape stray dogs in Sara Buri

Stray dogs are a common sight in Thailand, so we’re especially careful when we’re in an unknown neighbourhood if we want to avoid getting chased by one of these stray animals. And apparently, it’s not just humans who need to be wary.

A monitor lizard reportedly climbed up a utility pole while being chased by a pack of stray dogs in Sara Buri, and rescue workers helped to get it down safely later.

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Monitor lizard climbs up utility pole to escape dogs

Image credit: Siameagle

According an article on Onenews31 published on 18th August 2022, a giant monitor lizard reportedly climbed up a power pole to escape a pack of stray dogs in Sara Buri. The villagers were worried that the lizard might have damaged the transformer and gotten electrocuted, so they called a rescue foundation to come and help get it down.

Later, two rescuers showed up and attempted to get the lizard down. It wasn’t easy trying to convince the lizard to get down from the pole as the dogs were still barking down below. Afterwards, the rescue workers used a rope to pull the lizard down successfully and released it back into the wild.

Monitor lizard got rescued successfully

We can only imagine how scared the lizard felt when it climbed up the utility pole after it was chased by the stray dogs. Luckily, it didn’t get electrocuted and survived long enough for rescuers to get it down from the pole and release it into the wild. This is all thanks to the villagers and the hard-working rescuers.

Cover image adapted from: Tnews

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