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Mixt Chatuchak Mall – Shops To Visit At This Bangkok Mall Next To Chatuchak Market

New mall in Chatuchak, Bangkok

Visiting Chatuchak Weekend Market is a must-do when you’re in Bangkok, but it often leaves our shirts soaked in sweat due to Thailand’s unbearable weather.

Well, sweat no more. You can now take refuge from the blazing heat at Mixt Chatuchak, a brand-new air-conditioned shopping mall with more than 500 shops, situated right in the heart of Chatuchak.

Mixt Chatuchak selections and hot opening deals

For those of you who are worried that Mixt Chatuchak will be just another mall filled with generic shops, don’t worry. Some of the stores you’ll find here are actually from Chatuchak Market itself! Aside from shopping, stalls in the food court are also specially selected from all over Bangkok.


Image credit: ปันโปร

Better yet, there are lots of opening deals that you can’t miss out on like Adidas’ buy 1 get 1 free for all items in the outlet or XIN FU THANG Tea’s buy 1 get 1 free on every flavour on Monday.

Note: Do keep up with their Facebook page to stay up to date with the promotions

Here are some shops you should visit at Mixt Chatuchak:

1.Yupa.Clay – cute clay miniatures

If you’re looking for some cute souvenirs that won’t take up all the space in your luggage, stop by at Yupa.Clay for wide range of cute Thai-style miniatures – from mini flowers and animals to som tum (Thai papaya salad) table.


Betel bouquet, som tum table
Images adapted from: @yupaclay, @yupaclay

Where to find: Room no. 3045, floor 3, Mixt Chatuchak
Telephone: +66-9-324-9453

2. ARNON Thailand – minimalistic T-shirts 

After their first branch at Chatuchak Weekend Market, Arnon’s minimalistic T-shirts have become one of the trendiest local brands around thanks to their cool designs and comfortable material which is perfect for Thailand’s climate. They also sell pants and men’s accessories like crossbody bags.


Image credit: ARNON

Where to find: Room no. 2114, floor 2, Mixt Chatuchak
Telephone: +66-0-720-6295


3. Hyena – boho tie-dye dress

For ladies into boho style, Hyena has collections of dresses with awesome tie-dye patterns for you to shop from. They offer a wide range of colours as well, from black and white to bright yellow, so you might want to buy more than one. 

Also, you can get some colourful earrings to match the dress too.


Image credit: Hyena

Where to find: Room no. 1107, floor 1, Mixt Chatuchak
Telephone: +66-0-209-4000

4. Dek Khong Pinto Si Wan – modern, colourful tiffins

Today, a lot of people pack their own food to reduce the use of garbage. You can also do so in style by getting a colourful tiffin at Dek Khong Pinto Si Wan. Here, they redesign old school tiffins that Thai people are familiar with to cute and fashionable carriers in various sizes, designs, and colours.


Image credit: Dek Khong

Where to find: Room no. 1138, floor 1, Mixt Chatuchak
Telephone: +66-9-046-6226


5. Gai Kia – handmade leather goods

Gai Kia is another well-known stall from the market, offering a wide range of beautiful and uniquely-designed leather goods from wallets to cowboy hats.  

If you have any design in your mind, you can talk to them and see if they can make it to order for you too – that’s cool!


Image credit: Mixtchatuchak

Where to find: Room no. 3032, floor 3, Mixt Chatuchak
Telephone: +66-3-015-5518

Try delicious Thai food at their food court

After browsing around the shops, stop by their food court and fill up your tummies with Hua-Tho Pad Thai, a pad thai stall with a big-sized shrimp from Ratchada Train Market, or Sam Ran Thong Boat Noodle, a famous boat noodles stall from Sam Yan. Don’t forget to end your meal with delicious desserts like sticky rice and mango or Thai crispy crepes.


Images adapted from:Mixtchatuchak,Mixtchatuchak

Mixt Chatuchak has a food court with an amazing view overlooking the entire Chatuchak market.


Mixt Chatuchak’s food court area overlooking the market
Image credit:

You can visit Mixt Chatuchak all week long

Mixt-Mall-ChatuchakImage credit: @rosachingg

Although Mixt Chatuchak is a perfect place to chill after a sweaty walk at the weekend market, you don’t have to wait till the weekends to come because it’s open all week. So don’t forget to drop by and hunt for good deals whenever you’re free.

Mixt Chatuchak
Address: 8 Kamphaeng Phet 3 Rd, Khwaeng Chatuchak, Khet Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900
Opening Hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily
Nearest Train Station: Mo Chit BTS station (exit 1) or Chatuchak MRT station (exit 1)
Telephone: +66-2-079-4888

Cover image adapted from: Thairath, @sitangtam__,, Hyena