Unusual customers who don’t eat or talk

MannequInn cover
Image adapted from: @innatlittlewash

As businesses gradually reopened to less than a full capacity, restaurants have found creative ways to serve customers and keep the place “crowded” like normal.

One restaurant in the U.S. state of Virginia recently welcomed mannequins into the restaurant.

A Michelin-star restaurant that serves mannequins

MannequInn dine-in
Mannequin couples sat together at the restaurant.
Image credit: @innatlittlewash

Following safety measures, The Inn expects customers at 50% capacity due to social distancing. Instead of leaving the restaurant half-empty, they thought mannequins could sit at unused tables.

The mannequins dressed in elegant suits and dresses apparently to “capture a post-World War II celebrate”, said CNN

The restaurant may not be able to serve as many lively customers as they’d like on reopening day, but The Inn is undoubtedly packed despite situations.

The Inn’s owner, Patrick O’ Connell, mentioned he enjoyed the polite company, even if they just sat there lifelessly.

The Inn specialises in food and also silly antics

This is certainly not the first time The Inn did something to raise customer’s eyebrows – Michelin-star be damned.MannequInn moo
A punny cheese specialist has a cow cart that reportedly moos
Image credit: Washingtonian

MannequInn 17th French
O’Connell dresses up like a French aristocrat at an event themed around 17th century
Image credit: Michelin Guide

The Inn will take reservations, starting on 29th May.

Other restaurants also served customers with stiff upper lips

MannequInn blow-up dolls
Image credit: WYFF News

The Open Heart In South Carolina decided against roping off areas in favour of serving blow-up dolls.

MannequInn panda plush
Image credit: Reuters

And in Thailand, panda plushies sat at tables alone or joined other customers having their meal.

A clean and safe meal

Whether you’re dining in a restaurant with dolls or ordering delivery, remember to keep food safety measures in mind.

Look for a seal of quality, check reviews, and eat balanced meals overall. If you want to be extra careful, you could try your hand at home cooking.

For cooking ideas, check out our articles here:

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