Sakura ice cream at 7-11

Sakura Icecream Cover
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Magnum is a well-loved ice cream brand that’s super popular for its decadent flavours, like its chocolate and almond popsicle. This time, Magnum has an all new Japan-inspired cherry blossom ice cream which you can find at 7-11 Thailand – just in time to usher in the upcoming sakura season.

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Sakura Icecream
Image credit: @vls_ig

Summer is approaching Thailand with tropical fruits gracing our markets, but nothing beats the hot weather more than some nice ice cream.

Sakura Icecream
Image credit: @kinnhom

Magnum’s new flavour is going for an affordable (฿50, ~$1.50). This pastel pink ice cream is cherry blossom flavoured with added zing from cherry sauce. It’s covered in a crunchy pink chocolate exterior with dried cherry bits, which gives the ice cream a nice tart kick.

Sakura Icecream
Image credit: @ginmaiyood 

This sakura ice cream will be available at all branches of 7-11 Thailand. What are you waiting for, ice cream lovers? Head to 7-11 and escape from that BKK heat.

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