Lost Thai delivery rider gets a free meal

Anyone who frequently orders food online will know the pains of delivery riders getting lost on the way to your home. What’s not as common is when drivers get lost on the way to the eatery to pick up your food. While most would simply give the driver directions over the phone, one customer got a little unconventional. He personally drove the lost Thai delivery rider to the restaurant and got him a free meal.

Here’s how the strange tale unfolded.

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Rider gets lost on the way to eatery

After placing a regular order on LINE MAN, one customer got a surprising call. His delivery rider called, asking for directions to the eatery.

In an odd twist of events, our customer told the rider to come over to his house. That’s where he took over the reins, requesting that the rider get on the backseat of his own motorbike.

Image Credit: tee.athipbodee

From there it was smooth-sailing as the customer took the rider on a journey that won’t soon be forgotten.

Our rider probably won’t be forgetting this eatery any time soon either.

Image Credit: tee.athipbodee

But one last surprise lay in store for the LINE MAN when he reached the restaurant.

Deliveryman gets a free meal, customer gets an eating buddy

After going through so much together, the customer invited his would-be deliveryman to share a meal on his dime.

Image Credit: tee.athipbodee

After the generous customer offered a seat at the table to the delivery rider, the account of this exchange went viral on Facebook.

The post got 16,000 likes, over 1,200 shares, and more than 450 comments.


Screenshot: tee.athipbodee

Translation: Very cute.

As expected, the creative customer got many brownie points for the move with many netizens calling it cute.

Screenshot: tee.athipbodee

Translation: Amazing. You got yourself an eating buddy.

Another netizen commented that they were “true friends”.

Flip a loss into a win

Running into a hiccup on food delivery runs can be very frustrating. Our customer could have let his frustration take over when his delivery rider had gotten lost, or resigned himself to facing a delay. Instead, he saw this as an opportunity to make a new friend over delicious food.

So remember this story for the next time you encounter an issue, maybe you can turn it into something wholesome and memorable.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): tee.athipbodee, tee.athipbodee

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