Complaints on monkey attacks allowed, but no compensation given

After a Lopburi woman was drop-kicked by a monkey, the Department of National Parks has issued a statement that you can file complaints if you’re a victim of monkey attacks. However, under the current laws, compensations are only permitted for attacks by elephants and gaurs.

Here’s what happened to the woman and the monkeys.

Woman drop-kicked by monkeys over food

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People can get into a wild food rage when we’re hungry. But so can monkeys.

Earlier this month, a Lopburi woman was drop-kicked by a monkey who went on to steal her food. She then filed a complaint at the local police department in order to get compensated for her medical expenses.

Her injuries include a dislocated knee which caused her to miss work.

Lopburi is well-known for having a huge monkey population that brings in tourism, but also causes issues for local residents. In 2020, a massive monkey gang war between the temple monkeys and city monkeys made headlines.

Department of National Parks clarifies laws on compensation over animal attacks

Image credit: Adam Jones via Wikimedia Commons

Last week, the Department of National Parks has stated in an interview that while you can file complaints about monkey attacks, the current law only allows compensation for attacks by elephants and gaurs.

However, they are exploring the possibility of adding monkeys to that list.

Lopburi monkey business is good, but don’t be monkeying around

One of Lopburi’s biggest tourist attractions is its annual Lopburi Monkey Banquet in November. But the huge monkey population in the city has also brought its fair share of grievances to locals.

We hope that the Lopburi woman receives proper compensation for her medical expenses for this attack, and for it to be possible for peaceful cohabitation between humans and monkeys in the city.

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Cover image adapted from: Adam Jones via Wikimedia Commons

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