LOF LAND in Chonburi Is A Cafe That Takes You All The Way To The Moon & Mars At Only ฿300

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LOF LAND in Chonburi

We all know that different parts of Thailand bring different experiences to the curious visitor which stumbles upon them. The north is known for its forests and mountain valleys while the South is known for its beaches and islands. So for today, we’re heading to the east of Thailand – in Chonburi, where we are going to introduce you to LOF LAND – a cafe that is split into 3 unique zones: Earth, Moon & Mars. 

If you’re a Star Trek, Star Wars or sci-fi fan, trust us when I say you’d absolutely want to read on to find out about this peculiar cafe in Chonburi, Pattaya.

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Moon Zone: massive warehouse that looks like Stark Industries

Image credit: กินที่ไหน

As the cafe is split into three zones, each one has a personality that shines through immediately from its design. First off, we have the Moon Zone. Here, you’ll immediately be greeted with these two sliding doors that could honestly pass off as both a space station & the entrance to Stark Industries. 

Image credit: กินที่ไหน

Brb, on the way to the next Avengers’ meeting, y’know what I mean?

Speaking of meetings, as LOF LAND functions primarily as a private area, you could also book one of their meeting rooms for  gathering or work meetings. With all the metallic accents and white-on-grey aesthetic, the room truly reflects the theme of the moon zone.

If Thailand ever had to create its own Avengers’ spin-off seriessomeone needs to tell the director that he probably doesn’t need to look further for the perfect set.

Image credit: LOF LAND

As you continue discovering the space, you’d stumble along a garden trail which will lead to LOF LAND’s version of a grand canyon. Peppered with these grey rocks of different shapes and sizes, it’s definitely a take on what it’d be like to land on the moon.

Image credit: กินที่ไหน

Along the trails are also these unique walkways into literal space… if you get my drift. Hah. I’m definitely going to see if I can come up with more space jokes as I continue showing you around this space.

Image credit: กินที่ไหน

Once you’re done exploring the moon, your trusty writer here will definitely bring you back down to earth. And while you’re here at LOF LAND, it just so happens to be a walk away.

Earth Zone: a spacious green lawn and a manmade waterfall

Image credit: กินที่ไหน

Right at the Earth Zone, you’ll be greeted by a blanket of green grass-covered surfaces, merged with futuristic architecture all around.

Image credit: กินที่ไหน

The Earth zone is also home to LOF LAND’s cafe. With the ฿300 (~USD8.62) entrance fee, you’ll be able to redeem a drink for yourself here. You’d be able to opt for caffeinated picks like their Iced Latte to non-caffeinated options like fruit sodas.

Image credit:  กินที่ไหน

The cafe is also designed to be incredibly photogenic. I can already picture the many photos you can take at their own version of a greenhouse – complete with clear-glass and mirrored windows.

If you’re into urban photography or nature, we’re sure that you’d have a blast exploring this beautifully well-maintained Earth zone at LOF LAND.

Image credit: กินที่ไหน

Now, if you’re ready to be taken out of this world again, prep yourself for what’s next: Mars, baby.

Mars Zone: red-toned hills that look like landscapes out of Star Wars

Image credit: กินที่ไหน

Last but not least, welcome to the Mars Zone. Before you get here, make sure to pack your own astronaut suit. I mean, even if you’re not that committed… they’re definitely ready for you with their very own rocket structure. Yep.

Image credit: กินที่ไหน

Truthfully, astronaut suit or not – the Mars Zone is so photogenic. With the undulating green fields, contrasting against the brilliantly blue skies and the deep red rock structures here – it looks like a scene straight out of The Martian or perhaps, the great Wadi Rum desert in Jordan.

Image credit: กินที่ไหน

Since the zones are all interconnected, you could also grab some fantastic OOTD pics at their iconic walls connecting both areas. You could opt to colour-coordinate with either section, or simply dress in a colour that contrasts with both the reds and the greys.

Either way, I’m sure the picture will turn out quite bold, as long as you strike a confident pose.

Image credit: ไม่ชวนหรอก

That said, most of us aren’t quite ready to foot the hefty bills for interstellar travel just yet, but for a slight taste of what visiting Mars or the Moon might feel like, head to this cafe that’s 100% committed to imagining it for us terrestrials.

Getting to LOF LAND

Image credit: กินที่ไหน

Sci-fi film geeks, we hear you. If you’re probably freaking out by looking at these pictures alone, then you’d be more psyched to know that LOF LAND will be launching their very own metaverse within the private area very soon. Make sure to keep an eye out on their Facebook page so that you’ll be the first to know when it launches.

Till then, make sure to bookmark this page as you plan your next trip to Chonburi, where LOF LAND awaits.

Address: 17 17 Moo 7 Khiri Nakhon 8/1 Alley, Huai Kapi, Chon Buri District, Chon Buri 20000, Thailand
Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday, 9AM – 6PM 
+66 6 1038 2255
LOF LAND’s Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from: กินที่ไหน, ไปกับนัท : Pai kub Nut, กินที่ไหน

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