Kanna buffalo cafe

While there are many cafes in Thailand that house four-legged animals like corgis, cats, foxes, and raccoons, never before has there been one with horns, hooves, and a sound that goes “moo”. 

At Kanna, a cafe by the fields, visitors can sip and snack away in a natural, elegant setting filled with many IG-worthy spots; the site also happens to be teeming with young and old buffaloes looking for grass and pats.

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Kanna – cafe by the fields

Located in Nakhon Pathom, Kanna is a cafe within a housing the clothing brand, SUIKA. The cafe includes a backyard terrace that sits adjacent to rice paddies, as well as a mud pool of lazing buffaloes.

water buffaloes
Image credit: Eventthai

The buffaloes are not only for show; visitors are welcome to play with them whenever they grace the mud-pond. You can either give them a rub on their heads or feed them with grass stalks provided nearby.

feeding buffaloes
Image credit: อย่าลืมขาตั้งกล้อง

The coffee shop is also filled with many photogenic spots for you to take it to your Instagram; whether it’s posing in front of a lush tree or sitting on a set beautifully decorated with reeds.

girl pose tree
Image credit: Cafe Story

girl pose reeds
Image credit: Wander Together

Tying it all together is its selection of appetizers and drinks that infuses Thai cuisine into the menu. One of the most ordered dishes is Miang Kham Set, which is a traditional snack of fillings wrapped in leaves tasting sweet and sour, and crunchy in texture.

miang kham thai snack
Miang Kham Set
Image credit: Cafe Story

Other popular orders include Dim Sum, Coconut Cake, Coffee Almond Cake, as well as Signature drinks like Coffee Aoy and Buffalo Latte.

buffalo latte
Buffalo Latte
Image credit: readme.me

Kanna is basically a chic garden cafe that keeps you grounded through touches of local elements presented in a serene, green setting.

A different type of animal cafe

Hedgehogs and meerkats are cool, but if you want something more different, then head over to Kanna for some water buffalo playtime. If you don’t know, the buffaloes have been at the heart of Thai culture for as long as one can remember giving us the famous Thai rice every year.

Kanna – cafe by the fields
Opening Hours: 9AM – 6PM
Address: 3, Hom Kret, Sam Phran District, Nakhon Pathom 73110
Telephone: +66-3-4300108
Website | Google Maps

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Cover images adapted from: Wander Together (Left & Centre), Cafe Story (Right)

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