Cosmos flower field near Bangkok

Baan Rai Nai Rung is a vibrantly colourful floral garden in Kanchanaburi that also doubles as an Instagram playground – it’s only a 2 hour drive from Bangkok city. They’ve recently opened a very Instagram-worthy Cosmos garden which is available for visitors until 28th February 2021.

The field is worth the journey- better bring your costumes, Instagram bae and your own props for their fun and beautiful field.

5 Rai of insta backgrounds

This is one of those floral spots where you can unleash your inner fashionista and bring 5 outfit changes to cover each of the 5 Rais – or 2 acres – of Cosmos flowers. However, the flowers are only in bloom until the end of February so better make haste.

Baan Rai Nai RungSolo travelers can lay down for a brilliant and wide angle ‘candid’ drone shot – with colours of pink, purple and red in one go.
Image credit: @baanrainairung

Baan Rai Nai Rung
Image credit: @baanrainairung

For couples who were too busy to celebrate Valentine’s Day last week, this flower field’s pink and red hues are the perfect aesthetic for a belated VDay post about how you celebrate your love everyday. 

Baan Rai Nai Rung
Image credit: @f1stfaloo

The best part is that the fields are dog-friendly – so you can bring your puppies and live out your floral princess fantasies at Baan Rai Nai Rung. It’s instant therapy for you and your four legged friend – the added bonus is some very sweet pics for the gram.  

Props and backgrounds at Baan Rai Nai Rung

Baan Rai Nai RungImage credit: @baanrainairung

Baan Rai Nai Rung is also famous for its stairway – while it may not lead to heaven the empty doorway makes for any caption. 

Baan Rai Nai RungImage credit: Couple Travel พาแฟนไปไหนดี

If a pink door is a prop that you’ve always dreamed of having, Baan Rai Nai Rung has got you covered – the caption could even be about how you don’t know where it’ll lead you or that it always opens to gorgeous places. 

Fill your followers up with a dash of mystery with a shot of you going into a door in this garden full of wonders – wearing a summer and picnic dress will give you an out of this world shot. 

Baan Rai Nai RungImage credit: @baanrainairung 

While the backgrounds are great, it’s also important to showcase your #OOTD – with natural light and magenta flowers in the background, any shot is bound to be mystical. 

Baan Rai Nai Rung also has baskets and other picnic props that’ll truly up your IG game. 

Baan Rai Nai RungFor those whose feeds are all about the retro feel, Baan Rai Nai Rung also presents vintage props that’ll transport you back to the 70’s.
Image credit: Coffee Kanyaporn

Baan Rai Nai RungImage credit: Cafe Story : รีวิวคาเฟ่ ทุกวัน

Also small tents are additional for your short weekend getaways and adventures in this floral field. Covid-19 has sparked the travel blues, they can be cured with props like these.

This fun and beautiful Cosmos Flower field is only ฿30 (~USD1) for adults and only ฿10 (~USD0.33) for kids.

A short trip from Bangkok

If you haven’t made any plans for the weekend, this floral field is only 154KM away from Bangkok – Beautiful things don’t always last, so better not hesitate to cure your travel blues for your trip here.

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Featured images adapted from: @baanrainairung

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Event Information
Baan Rai Nai Rung
27 Jan - 28 Feb 2021
8:00 am - 6:30 pm

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