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Thai Man Shares How To Threaten Ghosts, Tells Humans To Scare Them First

How to deal with ghosts

Thais fight with ghosts
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Have you ever experienced something scary or weird with no explanations? Personally, I’ve never seen ghosts in my life, and I don’t plan on facing them too.

But though I’m scared, I still find ghost stories really interesting – especially those that happen in haunted houses and hotels. If you’re like me and want to know exactly what to do when you find yourself in a scary situation, this man has all the answers. 

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Man teaches people how to handle the paranormal

Facebook user Maharath Khatuwarn took it to the internet to share with others his tips on how to manage ghosts when staying in hotels or other “dirty” locations. He mentioned that he first makes an agreement with the ghosts depending on where he is.

Thai man deal with a ghost
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He shared, “I paid for it, which means that it’s my room. I tell them that if they want to stay, they can, but don’t be annoying. If you are in a good mood and I am in a good mood, I will make merit for you. But if you annoy me, I will kick you out – no exorcist, just me.” 

Mr. Khatuwarn went on to say that making threats will show who’s really in charge. “I will damn you and curse you to be a ghost forever with no chance to be a human again! Let’s see who has more power.” 

He ended his post by saying: “If you don’t want to have problems, don’t bother me. I clean and care for my house – you do nothing, so you have no right [to haunt me] at all.” Hmm, sounds fair to us!

Netizens praise his humour and confidence 

The post has since gone viral, garnering over 1.8K likes and shared across other Thai social media platforms. Many netizens were impressed by Mr. Khatuwarn’s confidence at scaring the ghosts before they got the chance to scare him. 

The afterlife is something many Thai locals believe in, and the existence of life after death depends on our karma – aka the good and bad we have done in life. So, not being able to be reborn can be scary for a spirit who is damned. Many believe that ghosts are afraid of haunting people as they don’t want to be a spirit forever. 

Some netizens replied to the post by sharing their own experiences:

Comments on Thai man fights with ghosts

Translation: It’s true. I used to do this and it worked.

Other netizens talked about how scared the ghosts must be to even haunt Mr. Khatuwarn after his warnings:

Comments on Thai man fights with ghosts

A ghost has to be scared by this – the human is the scariest!
If they don’t stop haunting him, he is going to fight for sure.

Comments on Thai man fights with ghosts

Translation: If a ghost uses Facebook, they will cry at this.

Be prepared for future hauntings

To all the ghosts out there, it’s time to rethink your options if you’re living with someone like this. If not, you’re not going to have a problem for sure.

As for the humans, you don’t have to be scared anymore with these tips! 

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