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Thai Teens Feel Bad After Stealing Shoes, Decide To Return Loot & Strike K-pop Pose To Say Sorry

Samut Prakarn thieves leave a heart pose for police

They say that first impressions are extremely critical – they’re the only chance you get to ensure you leave a lasting impact. These teens from Samut Prakarn seem to have nailed the art as they certainly left an immutable impression on the police and Thai netizens. 

This week, netizens have been circulating footage of four individuals wearing motorcycle helmets doing a K-pop-style heart pose on CCTV – the stars of the film happen to be suspects of petty theft in the Bang Phli neighbourhood from earlier this month.

Take from the rich and… return it 

On 10th January 2021, a Bang Phli apartment resident reported her shoes missing. According to Khaosod English, fellow building occupants were also experiencing the disappearance of random objects. 

Less than a week later, CCTV footage showed four masked figures returning the shoes to the owner’s doorstep. The thieves made sure to return their loot with interest – the bunch struck two heart poses directly at the CCTV according to Thairath

four teens leave kpop pose for police
Source: Khaosod English

The video clip was later used in Bang Phli Police Station’s investigation of the incident, and eventual resolution of the crime. Pol. Lt. Col. Wirot Tad Sop, Ph.D reported that all four suspects, aged between 15-17, admitted that what they did was wrong and reckless. 

The teenagers explained that the pair of shoes caught their eye, leading one of them to pick it up. Shortly after, however, one of them noticed the CCTV and warned them of possible repercussions. This led the bandits to return their treasure days later and leave the premises on a “loving” note, which they claim was not done in mockery. 

All is fair in love and war – not crime 

While the teens didn’t mean any harm by leaving behind gestures translating to “I love you”, netizens were quick to condemn their disrespectful act. The teens have since gone to Juvenile Court, and were charged with the theft of the woman’s shoes. 

Whether or not there was a camera, it’s common sense that these individuals should not have taken something that does not belong to them. Returning the shoes was the right thing to do, but the incident surely teaches that love, unfortunately, cannot conquer all. 

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Featured images adapted from Khaosod English, FourSquare

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