1. Handsome tourist shows off powerful pipes

Busking, or performing in the streets, allows those who want to follow their passion to become entertainers to showcase their skills in front of audiences.

Be it musicians or magicians, their public performances do not only entertain the crowd, but might also inspire someone to discover his or her talents – like this British guy in Thailand.

Here’s the story of a foreign tourist who joined a Thai man’s busking on Yaowarat road to show off his powerful pipes.

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Handsome British tourist captures netizens’ attention with his amazing voice

A video showing a handsome foreign tourist who performed a duet with a Thai street musician made rounds on social media after the clip was uploaded on TikToker’s account, @Tewter_Yaowarat.

แจมๆ #lethergo  #passenger 🎸✌️ #tewteryaowarat  🍟🍔

แจมๆ #lethergo #passenger 🎸✌️ #tewteryaowarat 🍟🍔

Discover More On TikTok

In the TikTok video, a British guy named Ize Neal is seen singing a cover of Passenger’s Let Her Go on Bangkok’s Yaowarat Road alongside a busker who was playing his guitar.

Handsome Foreign Tourist Sings On Yaowarat Road
Screenshot: @Tewter_Yaowarat

Neal also showed off a solo performance, singing Tones and I’s Dance Monkey, and was praised by the busker himself for his musical and vocal talents.

With Neal’s amazing voice that has captured netizens’ attention, the video became viral on social media, garnering over 489K likes and more than four million views.

Tewter Yaowarat TikToker
Screenshot: @Tewter_Yaowarat

The Thai busker in the clip is a street musician who regularly performs at Yaowarat road. Visit his TikTok account, @Tewter_Yaowarat, for more videos of his street performance.

Netizens praise British guy & Thai musician for their talents

After the clip was circulated online, many netizens poured in to praise the British guy and Thai musician in the clip for their talents.

Screenshot: @Tewter_Yaowarat

Translation: I admire the guitarist. You really know how to help boost economy in our country.

One netizen praised the busker for his contribution to boosting Thailand’s economy.

Screenshot: @Tewter_Yaowarat

Translation: What an amazing voice he has. So good.

Another netizen complimented the foreign tourist on his voice.

Screenshot: @Tewter_Yaowarat

Translation: The British guy looks happy when he sings. It’s fun. I like it.

One viewer commented that the British guy in the clip seemed happy when he sang the song.

Look forward to another duet

We would like to share that Neal’s vocals are so fantastic that we look forward to another one of his duets with the guitarist.

Perhaps he may be working on his debut album now.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @Tewter_Yaowarat, @Tewter_Yaowarat, @Tewter_Yaowarat

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